Canadian dissenting priest wins parliament election

Canadian dissenting priest wins parliament election

The pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Canadian priest who defied canon law and lied about it has won his Parliamentary seat. Fr. Raymond Gravel, a former male prostitute turned priest turned politician, has openly dissented from incontrovertible Catholic teaching for years and gotten away with it. He would have gotten away with this latest stunt except for international furor caused when news got out.

While the Vatican has officially forbidden priests from seeking public office, Gravel obtained permission to run from his Bishop - Gilles Lussier of the diocese of Joliette -  on condition that he cease priestly functions for the duration of his political career, and that he abstain from voting against the Church on issues such as abortion and homosexual marriage.

The only problem is that Lussier does not have the ability to dispense Gravel from the canon law, and in fact, that permission was never given either. That doesn’t shield the bishop from legitimate criticism, however, since his failure to act regarding Gravel’s past public scandals to the faith set him up for this one.

And now with a national stage, the various left-wing anti-life, anti-marriage, anti-Catholic forces in Canada will have a sock puppet to hold up and show that it’s just fine for Catholics to follow their lead.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli