Thoughts on “The Passion”

Thoughts on “The Passion”

I’m not going to link to every review of The Passion I see online (which would be impossible), but I think my friend Melanie has some interesting reflections on it, including some thoughts on the medium used to convey the message.

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Columnist James Pinkerton says legalized gay marriage is inevitable. He says that it will be a matter of fact in the next five to 10 years. I might agree.

After all, in 1965, no one thought abortion would be legalized on demand with a few years. It’s the same way with other social engineering initiatives. The camel’s nose peeks under the tent and pretty soon you have the whole camel in there with you.

What is happening now is that you have elected officials ignoring the law in order to push the gay agenda and no law enforcement authorities have the guts or willingness to enforce the law. And a law that no one will enforce is no law at all.

I’m not sure I would call what gays are doing “conservative.” I think it’s a smokescreen to assert that large numbers of homosexuals want to get married and settle down and live a perfect, continent domestic life. But the agenda is correct: to pass a veneer or respectability and normality over a deviant lifestyle so that it will be accepted by the rest of us and perceived as more common than it is. Remember only about 1 percent of the US population is gay, not 10 percent or more as they claim.

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Domenico Bettinelli