Calling men of courage

Calling men of courage

Fr. Philip, OP, gave an impromptu vocations pitch at the end of Mass last night in which he questioned the courage of Catholic men.

The young men God is calling aren’t saying YES to the call.  Why?  The reasons are as old as the world:  money, sex, prestige, or should I say the fear of not having any money sex, or prestige.  Forgive me for saying this, but it needs to be said:  there is a profound lack of courage among you who are called but will not say YES.  What do you fear?  If God has called you to the priesthood, what more do you need than His word setting you on the way?  Yes, you will have to give up sex, money, and prestige.  Why is this a problem for a Christian?  Have you bought into the pagan ideal of the virile man?  You can’t be a man if you don’t have a treasure box full of gold, an enviable career, and a little black book full of women?!  No, I’m not saying that the vows of a Catholic priest are easy to live out.  Far from it.  It takes courage, resolve, and a lot of hard work with God’s grace to be a faithful ordained man of God.  And the reward for this hard work isn’t always what we might want.  But that’s what sacrifice is—giving to God the best we have and trusting that He will use it to the best possible end.

Gee, I wonder what got him so riled up? Heh.

Go read the whole thing.

Good for you, Father. We need priestly men of courage to inspire their fellow-workers in the vineyard who need that nudge.

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Domenico Bettinelli