Call to arms for motivated Catholics

Call to arms for motivated Catholics

Massachusetts conservatives (yes, there are a few) are appealing to Catholics who protested Mayor Menino’s honoring by Catholic Charities not to let up next year when the governor’s office is in contention.

The Corner Office has been held by Republicans for the past 15 years—albeit none of them all that conservative—and Democrats are champing at the bit to win it back and cement their control on all three branches of government. While their nearly absolute majority in the Legislature has kept them veto-proof, there’s still all that control over executive branch patronage they want. And so the extreme left-wing of the party is gearing up for what should be their best chance in years.

Arrayed against Republican Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey we have media-hound flip-flopper Attorney General Tom Reilly and Deval Patrick, whose main qualification if you go by the fawning Boston media is that he’s black. He was an NAACP attorney who eventually became Bill Clinton’s Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. Yeah, he’s a liberal all right. Since 1999 he’s worked as a vice president for Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

Do these Catholics care about electoral politics?

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