Call for charity from a Traditionalist

Call for charity from a Traditionalist

In a previous discussion about how a minority of crabby Traditionalists unfairly tar the whole movement, I was roundly criticized for my observation, although quite a few people backed up my assertion.

At least a few Traditionalists agree, however, as witness by this post at the Universal Indult blog, entitled “Fraternal Charity and a Traditional Catholic Manifesto”.

The online and real world behavior of trads, i.e., trads versus trads, trads vs other Catholics in general, etc., is getting more notice every day.

Much of this behavior does not reflect well upon traditional Catholicism and traditionalists, and undermines the message that traditional Catholicism is absolutely necessary to the restoration of the Church.

Dr. Brian Kopp links to several discussions of the issue, including mine, and also links to a number of online discussions which he offers as evidence of the trend.

Are we traditional Catholics who are disgusted and embarrassed by the hysteria coming out of the extremist camp of traditionalism going to walk off the stage, and let them be the sole voice of traditional Catholicism?

He doesn’t just offer evidence and criticism; he also offers potential courses of action for both the “crabby” sorts as well as the majority of Traditionalists who are being unfairly tarred by the actions of a few.

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