Busybodies of the blue states

Busybodies of the blue states

Ann Coulter makes the point that, to paraphrase the old cliche, liberals are those people lie awake at night, worried that someone, somewhere is doing something of which they disapprove: in this instance, seeing a public religious display.

Ann notes that it’s the “blue state” liberals who are always telling the honest, hard-working folks of the red states what they can or can’t do, especially with regards to religion. Whether it’s Ten Commandments displays in schools or on public property or someone saying a prayer (or I should say, a Christian prayer), it must be stopped. They act as if the simple sight or sound of a Christian in action will lead to death camps for those who refuse to be baptized.

The alleged legal basis for removing all of these Ten Commandments monuments is the establishment clause of the First Amendment. That clause provides: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”... Monuments are not “laws,” the Plattsmouth, Neb., public park is not “Congress,” and the Ten Commandments are not a religion. To the contrary, all three major religions believe in Moses and the Ten Commandments. Liberals might as well say the establishment clause prohibits Republicans from breathing, as that it prohibits a Ten Commandments display. But over the past few years, courts have ordered the removal of dozens and dozens of Ten Commandments displays.

The irony is that the vast majority of Americans are people who would have no problem with Nativity scenes in front of town hall or Ten Commandments displays in courtrooms, except that they’re told that it might hurt some (unspecified) people’s feelings. And being the nice people they are, they usually say, “Well, we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings,” and take them down. Never mind the fact, that they would never be shown the same courtesy by these same people. what we have is the tyranny of the minority over the majority and the majority don’t even know it because they’ve been indoctrinated otherwise. If Tom Brokaw says it’s so, it must be….

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  • One word: Roxbury.

    In Roxbury, the bus drivers, traffic cops, gypsy cabbies, and yeah, the hookers, have no problem in wishing you a “Merry Christmas.”

    And, in Roxbury there is, in the common space, an honest-to-goodness display of The Holy Family. It’s gaudy. And it’s magnificent.

    I have no problem telling people about this because nobody in Roxbury is afraid that The Government Might Find This Offensive.

    Even though Roxbury is the poster-child neighborhood for every liberal on Beacon Hill, nobody’s visited the place in years. And so nobody knows—except those of us who live here, natch—about the “Merry Christmas” greetings and the Holy Family statues on the commons.

    And who’s Tom Brokaw?