Brooklyn’s pantheism too

Brooklyn’s pantheism too

  • The prayer service for Autumn was kind of weird, too.  Very earth-centered and us-centered.  God wasn’t really very essential to that prayer at all.  Just thrown in for good measure maybe.

  • What about this one posted recently at MSA?

    Winer 2004 Vol. 7, No. 1
    Mount Saint Agnes Theological Center for Women

    My whole being sings
    with joy and awe because in God
    I have found release.

    She who is destructor
    as well as life-giver
    has chosen to speak
    in the depths of my soul
    and the souls of women
    and men throughout time ….

    She shows the love of
    a mother, the wisdom and
    guidance of a father. …

    ….She reaches out to
    protect those
    who acknowledge her,

    My God has shown herself
    as more powerful than the might
    of Satan and all his princes;

    And Holy is her name.
    Her mercy calls out
    to all who listen.

    Her power resounds in thunder
    and lightning and her beauty
    is reflected in the sun,
    moon and stars.

    by Kirsten Anderson Cardegna, (CSW-R. MS Ed)

    Just wondering