Bring the Expos to town

Bring the Expos to town

I read recently online somewhere (sorry to whomever is the originator of the idea. I would credit you if I remembered.) of a proposal to move the Montreal Expos to Boston. The Expos are the unhappy stepchild of Major League Baseball, in the unenviable position of being run by MLB because it has no capable owner. Part of the problem, the experts say, is that they are in baseball unfriendly Montreal and this year MLB has experimented with having half of the Expos home games in Puerto Rico. I gather it has played havoc with both the Expos and the visiting teams. Puerto Rico is not exactly around the corner, especially if you’re the San Francisco Giants.

Anyway, I think moving the Expos to Boston would make a lot of sense. For one thing, the stadium would not have to be in the city itself, but perhaps a suburb, perhaps west or north of the city, maybe right off a major highway for easy access. They likely wouldn’t draw as many fans as the Red Sox, but it could be a lower cost alternative, providing some overflow capacity for baseball fans. Fenway Park is wonderful, but even with the modest addition of seats in recent years, its capacity is not going to increase radically.

And it would allow New England fans to see National League teams play in person at times other than during the interminable interleague play. So all those Dodger or Diamondback or Cub fans could see their teams on the diamond without having to fly to *grr* New York or Montreal.

Finally, there is an old National League tradition in Boston, with the dearly departed (for Atlanta) Boston Braves having played at what is now Boston University’s Nickerson Field. Back then it was called Braves Field and there are still Boston Braves fans out there.

If they move the Expos here, they will come (to use a cliche that actually applies directly here.)

  • I think Worcester makes the most sense.

    Close to Hartford, Providence, Boston, Manchester…  Truly the heart of New England!

    And just far enough from Salem, MA to keep the Riff Raff at home.  HA!!

  • Very funny, Joe. Although Worcester is not a bad idea at all, especially if you locate it right off 495 or the connector. But they’d have to be the Boston Expos (or whatever). Maybe the New England Expos. I don’t think Worcester Expos has enough cachet and I’d hate to hear national sports announcers try to pronounce it: “War-chester”.

  • FWIW, I read this suggestion somewhere in the editorial pages of the Boston Globe (sorry!).

    That said, I think it’s a great idea.

    Hey Joe? The new team should be the BOSTON Expos, not the New England Expos! Worcester, indeed!

    Why not Nickerson…or, heck, doesn’t Salem State have a field that would be useful? wink

  • I don’t think it would be bad to put them in Worcester, just call them something else.

    As for Salem, bad idea! For one thing, it’s impossible to drive in and out of this town as it is, never mind putting a stadium here. although I would love to have something nearby.

  • Now RC is really onto something…

    Mohican Sun has the SUNS, Maybe FOXWOODS casino would have the NEW ENGLAND FOXES, or the CONNECTICUT FOXES, or the PEQUOTS!  They certainly have the money to build the park.  And they could have Slot Machines all around the stadium!

    Let unbridled capitalism reign.

    Imagine what the Native American lobby would do if a bunch of RICH Indians decided to give a team an Indian name.

    Pssst.  RC.. the Suns are about 1 hour from Hartford.  Closer to Providence.

  • and then….  Put one in Vegas!

    Or they can split time between the gambling centers…

    Spring and Fall in Vegas (not too cold).
    Summer in the Connecticut Woods…

    ——The Wonder of it All!

  • RC!!!!!

    The EXPOS simply _must_ retain their name!

    I say this, of course, for the good of the crossword puzzle community

    As a crossword puzzle constructor, I know that the wonderful vowel-consonant-cosnonant-vowel make-up of the word EXPO is extremely useful. Add that rarely occuring “X” and it’s a word worth hanging on to.

    The problem lies in the cluing of the word.

    As you point out, the only other way to clue EXPO is by referring to the mid-sixties event.

    Or, by using the rather lame “Public show, briefly.”

    On the other hand, by having a major league team with the name, the cluing possibilities open up widely! “Montreal player(s)” comes immediately to mind, but for the word EXPO one can actually name a player in the clue!

    Surely you see the gravity of what you propose.

    On behalf of all crossword makers, I beg you to reconsider tossing the team name EXPOS.

    If not for me…for the sake of the children.

    Kelly <———who knows kids have nothing to do with this but also knows that by invoking the word “children” she gets instant sympathy wink