Brides to ask attendants to sign pre-nups?

Brides to ask attendants to sign pre-nups?

The headline in this British newspaper is a bit misleading: “Bridesmaids may have to sign weight contracts”. In fact, there’s no indication that anyone actually is making bridesmaid sign contracts.

What really happened is that when a bridal magazine asked 1,000 women, 20 percent said they be willing to make their maids-of-honor sign contracts for their services and among the most popular clauses in that contract were weight restrictions. In fact, most of the respondents said their biggest complaints were bridesmaids who put on weight, got pregnant, or changed their hairstyles before the wedding.

So while it’s not likely we’ll see actual contracts being dropped on brides’ friends and sisters, but it’s yet more evidence that people have lost sight of what marriage and weddings are about.

Frankly, if someone asked me to be in their wedding and then asked me to sign a contract, I’d tell them to take a hike. That is the height of bad manners and rudeness.


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  • Bridesmaids: counteroffer the following – that the couple will, if they divorce (1) refund the cost of attendant attire and travel/lodging, (2) return all durable gifts and (3) refund any monetary gifts .