Brady not in The Game Plan

Brady not in The Game Plan

I wonder if Tom Brady will be going to see the new Disney movie “The Game Plan”.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars in Walt Disney Pictures’ comedy THE GAME PLAN as a rugged superstar quarterback whose Boston-based team is chasing a championship. A ‘serial bachelor’, Kingman is living the ultimate fantasy: he’s rich, famous and the life of the party. But this dream is suddenly sacked for a loss when he discovers the 8-year-old daughter (newcomer Madison Pettis) he never knew he had – the product of a last fling before parting years ago with his young wife. Now, during the most important time in his career, he must figure out how to juggle his parties, practices and dates with the newfound ballet classes, bedtime stories and dolls that come with his daughter. Equally perplexed is his hard-edged mega-agent, Stella (Emmy nominee Kyra Sedgwick), herself without a parental bone in her body. Despite the often hilarious misadventures that come with being a new father, Joe discovers that there’s more to life than money, endorsements and thousands of adoring fans: the love and care of one very special small fan is the only thing that matters.

Yeah, I’m thinking not. In all seriousness, it’s a sad, sad story — of their own making to be sure—but I wouldn’t want to be in his All-Pro, Super Bowl-winning, fan-adulation shoes for all the money in his contract. Right now, fame and money can’t buy him the joy that I have and that’s sad. I’ll keep him and his son and the mother of his son in my prayers.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli
  • I must be missing something.  You’re going to be praying for fictional movie characters?  I was less confused and concerned when you were posting recipes for human hand.

  • I admire your charitable disposition toward our phenomenal Q, but I sure as hell don’t share it.

    Of course it’s great that Tom’s ex-concubine didn’t go the abortion route, and, far from it (cynic that I am), perhaps even did her level best in fact to ensure the conception of a reminder of one of America’s most popular and wealthy personalities; but, in addition to bringing into the world yet another amongst millions over the past few years in this country who don’t have a “real” father, Tom has put yet another pop culture imprimatur on the mortal sin of premarital sex and all of the woes that it bears.

    …sorry for the negativity, Tom’s field vision and passing ability notwithstanding, but I’ve got three young, football-playing sons whose path to heaven I’d sure welcome some societal help finding, if at all poaaible.  Sue me for being a naive fool for hoping for such help coming from Roman Catholics (like Tom) in the public eye.

  • Ok, then I assume Tom Brady’s life is similar to this movie plot?  Now the comment makes sense.  I told you I was missing something.

    Forgive me, but I really do live under a rock.

  • I find the Brady story very sad.  He’s a fine quarterback, and clearly a great field leader, but his personal life has proven somewhat disappointing. 

    When they won the first championship in ‘02, I was impressed when he donated the car that he won as MVP to his Jesuit high school so they could use it for a raffle. 

    And notwithstanding all that we see in the gossip columns, he did go to be with her for the birth.  We don’t know what their relationship is now and we also don’t know what steps he might have taken to make things right. 

    For all the material things he has, you are right, Dom, to point out that he is missing out on one of the greatest experiences life can offer.

  • Maybe our No. 12 can spend some time with San Diego QB Philip Rivers this weekend after the game.

    Rivers was a guest on “Life on the Rock” on EWTN this weekend.  What an impressive guy!  He spoke at length about how important his Catholic faith is to him, and about his love of the Eucharist. 

    Before this program I knew nothing about his personal life. 

    I’m still gonna root for the Pats, but I encourage everyone to try to learn more about Rivers.