Brace yourselves for this year’s big Halloween costume

Brace yourselves for this year’s big Halloween costume

I went to some friends’ Halloween party this weekend. They’re good women and good friends and I enjoy their company. (You’re waiting for the “but”, aren’t you?)

Two of their friends leave something to be desired. I suppose it’s inevitable this year. Two guys came as a priest and an altar boy. Deciding that subtlety was for wimps, they left out no little bit of offensive and disgusting accoutrement. I tried to ignore them and continue to have a good time, but every time I saw one of them I got angry. Finally, I gave up, thanked my hosts, and walked home. The thing is, as my friend did her best to apologize, she tried to explain that they were strongly anti-Catholic. I don’t think she meant it as an excuse for them exactly.

I guess it shouldn’t make it worse (would it be better if it were someone who goes to daily Mass?), but when it’s someone who hates the Church who takes public potshots, … let’s just say I wanted to discuss my displeasure in the strongest possible terms. Never mind, offending the Catholics in the room, what about people who have actually been victims of clerical sexual abuse, what if one of them had been there? Consider the trauma that might cause. Would it have been okay to come as a raped woman and her rapist? How about a terrorist and a WTC victim? The Maryland sniper and one of his victims? But once again, when the same thing is out of bounds in polite company, it is acceptable when it is the Church that is the target.

I shouldn’t be surprised. Jesus didn’t promise accolades and parades. He promised persecution and ridicule. After all, while he did get a parade, a few days later the same people crucified him. When I cooled down, I resolved to pray for the two guys. They were obviously crying out for someone to pray for them, even if they didn’t realize it.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli