Bow to Caesar

Bow to Caesar

To the radical liberals, separation of church and state means the Church should just shut up. The liberal Americans United for Separation of Church and State has asked the IRS to revoke the Diocese of Colorado Springs’ tax-exempt status because Biushop Michael Sheridan had the temerity to actually teach his people that it is unacceptable to support the slaughter of innocents and the sanctioning of gross immorality. And, horrors!, he actually set standards for what it means to be a good Catholic. How dare he?

AUSCS has clearly stepped beyond the pale, and undoubtedly knows it, just hoping to garner some publicity. Sheridan did not endorse a particular candidate. He elucidated moral principles, and if a religious leader is not allowed to do even that, then there is no point to religion. Or is that the goal that people like Barry Lynn are driving toward?