Boston’s class of 2006

Boston’s class of 2006

The ordination Mass for the Boston archdiocese is this coming Saturday, and I know two of the men being ordained: Darin Colarusso and William Ventura. Bill is a Bettnet reader, I know, and invited Melanie and I to the ordination and his first Mass, which we’ve regretfully had to decline because of the baby. Both Bill and Darin stayed at my parish, Immaculate Conception in Salem, one summer a few years ago during their summer chaplaincy service at Salem Hospital.

The Boston Globe singled Darin out for a profile this past weekend because he’s a former Air Force officer. He was a “back-seater” in Wild Weasels, anti-radar electronic countermeasures aircraft, which at the time were based on the old Vietnam-era two-seat F-4 Phantom, but today is based on the single-seat F-16.

I have to say that the guys being ordained today are a great hope for our future. I have been greatly impressed by the younger priests of the archdiocese, who though fewer in number are very high in quality. My prayers and best wishes go out to Darin and Bill and all the new priests ordained this year. AMDG.

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Domenico Bettinelli