Boston reporter blogging from Rome

Boston reporter blogging from Rome

The Boston Globe’s religion reporter, Michael Paulson, is blogging from Rome this week in the run-up to the consistory. All the Boston media have people over there, especially TV stations. Catholic events, especially Vatican ones, make great TV news. The visuals are usually stunning and since half of the Massachusetts population is at least nominally Catholic, they figure it will interest a huge part of their audience. I can’t imagine what the big non-Catholic audience thinks of the huge coverage in all the newscasts. Last night during the 11 pm newscast on the local CBS affiliate, the report took up at least 5 of the 30 minutes.

Frankly, I only watched it as a completist, not because I thought I would get any insight, especially with the cringeworthy errors that creep in.

So, the live coverage of the consistory starts at 4:30 am on Friday. I’ll let the excited “Catholic Trekkie” fanboys get up and sit excitedly in front of the TV in their jammies. I’ll watch the re-broadcast at 9 am.

Anyway, Paulson’s blog gives some slice-of-life, as-if-you-were-there views of what’s going on in Rome and Archbishop Sean O’Malley’s interactions with the press.

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