Boston Catholic Men’s Conference tomorrow

Boston Catholic Men’s Conference tomorrow

If any of you are attending the Boston Catholic Men’s Conference, keep an eye out for me, because I’ll be there. (Easier for you to find me since there are pictures of me on this site and I have no idea what you look like.) If you do see me, say hello. I love meeting readers, especially when I can put a name and a face together.

It looks like about 4,500 men are attending (up from 2,600 last year, the first year) and the speakers will be Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, Fr. John Corapi, Scott Hahn, Sean Forrest & Archbishop Sean O’Malley. If you haven’t ordered tickets ahead of time, you can buy them at the door. I highly recommend this event, which is put on by a group of local men, not the archdiocese or any official organization. It’s classic grassroots action, the real thing not the stuff that Voice of the Faithful dreams it is.

(At its peak in 2003, VOTF only drew about 1,500 people to its national conference. By comparison, the Men’s Conference is drawing three times that from the local area alone. Which one really is the voice of the faithful?)

Update: I need to amend that last statement. Tonight was the companion Women’s Conference which drew 3,500 people. So the big VOTF conference that got all that media attention drew less than one-fifth the audience. Even more striking.

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