Book review: Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin

Book review: Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin

517s05TqpVL._SL160_.jpgIt’s no secret I’m not a fan of President Barack Obama, his policies, or his ideology. From the campaign through Election Day to Inauguration Day and through his first year in office I’ve predicted that his administration would be a disaster for the US. I’ve also long held that despite his vaunted claims of “a new day” in politics and Hope and Change sweeping through Washington, DC, what we’d see is the same, old Democrat cronyism and liberal “gimme, gotcha” politics.

And, as sure as the rain, that’s what we got. In Culture of Corruption, Michell Malkin lays out the facts on the corruption rampant in Team Obama, among his friends and cronies in both Washington and Chicago, and even including the First Lady and his Vice President.

This isn’t 300-pages of ranting and raving, full of hatred and plain ol’ partisan dislike for the president of another party. Instead, Malkin takes us through the list of Obama cronies, all his appointees (including the record number of failed appointees), the fundraisers, the hangers-on, the cozy politicians, and the special interest groups that have his ear. Malkin has meticulously researched her subject: 300 pages of text are followed by more than 70 pages of endnotes, documenting each fact.

It’s the sheer enormity of the list of corruption and ethical failings that make Malkin’s point. Anyone one (or a few) of these instances would be unfortunate, but by the time I was halfway done with the book I couldn’t believe how much of it there was and how much of this the media had turned a blind eye to. And as I said, it’s not just partisan raving. Republicans come in for a fair share of criticism, including those who are not on the Obama team. But it’s Obama’s circle that bears the most scrutiny.

Not every item listed is a potential crime, far from it. Many could be just marked up to imprudence or even just the way business is done in Washington. But that’s just it: Malkin shows clearly through direct quotes how Obama promised the exact opposite while running for the office. He promised the most ethical administration in history. Instead, it may be the most ethically challenged. The sheer mass of page after page of insider dealing lobbyists buying influence, politicians getting sweetheart deals for buddies at taxpayer expense. It’s the worst kind of politics.  I just wish more people read books like these. I wish we could have read it before the election.

But read it now and be informed and tell your friends and family. Maybe in 2010 we can reduce this party’s stranglehold on DC, curbing their lust for power, and in 2012 we can put someone else in office who really will have the most ethical administration in history. We can always hope.


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