Book club to discuss Ron Hansen’s “Exile”

Book club to discuss Ron Hansen’s “Exile”

exiles.jpg is announcing a new Book Circle, which I think is something like an online book club. From their announcement:

What is “Catholic” fiction? Is it simply fiction written by a Catholic? Must it include Catholic characters and treat distinctly Catholic themes? Does it reflect a “Catholic sensibility,” being a product of the “sacramental imagination”? Ought the Catholic reader — or the general reader, for that matter — even bother with such questions?

These topics get chewed over a great deal in our circles, but all too often flit about in the realms of abstraction, unmoored by careful reference to any particular text. In that light, Matthew Lickona, Amy Welborn, Joseph O’Brien, and Bishop Daniel Flores decided to sit down with Exiles, the latest novel from Ron Hansen, to explore some of these questions.

The discussion of the book will take place on the InsideCatholic web site July 14 to July 18, and apparently the idea stems from a recent discussion kicked off by Todd Aglialoro’s article, “Whatever happened to Catholic fiction?”

Exiles is the novelization of how the real-life Catholic poet Gerard Manley Hopkins came to write his poem “The Wreck of the Deutschland.” Hansen also wrote The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.


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