Bishop Richard Lennon of Boston has sent an informational bulletin to his priests, letting them know what he is doing in regards to the Scandal. He said the archdiocese is close to resolving the cases of 24 priests accused of abuse and will soon announce whether the accusations are credible or not. That will mean some will be reinstated and others won’t. He also enumerated the things that are continuing from Cardinal Law’s tenure: the capital campaign, Law’s top aides, Law’s advisory groups. But he adds that he will make sure to consult a wider group of people as well.

The usual suspects are quoted in the article, this time Fr. Robert Bullock, a found of the Boston Priests Forum, and Fr. Bernard McLaughlin, who had a two-part series done about him and his parish and how great it is because of how liberal and hip they all are. While offering mild praise for Lennon’s communication to the priests, McLaughlin makes a strange demand.

    But some said Lennon needs to do more. ‘‘There has to be a bold and imaginative response to the ongoing problems - the 25- to 45-year-old parishioners don’t have much patience, and my sense is something bolder has to happen,’’ said the Rev. Bernard P. McLaughlin, pastor of St. Gerard Majella Church in Canton.

What exactly is he looking for? What can Lennon possibly do as a bold and imaginative response to these amrphous “ongoing problems?” I have a feeling McLaughlin isn’t just talking about the Scandal. Is it a subtle call for Lennon to begin to walk closer to the heterodox line?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli