Wait your turn

Wait your turn

Speaking of Jen, she also has another funny, but “oh, so true” blog about the human condition. This time about infamous line jumpers. Now those of you who live in the very polite non-Northeast, non-West Coast parts of the country are probably not familiar with this, butd>Right Wing News provides 11 helpful tips on blogging etiquette. I can’t say I’ve followed them all scrupulously. After all we were all newbies once and we should be allowed to learn from our mistakes. But it’s nice that someone has come up with a list to help those who haven’t made the mistakes yet.

A comment on this one: “Since there is no way to excerpt a graphic from another page, it is acceptable to put a graphic created by another blog on your site. However, make sure to give them credit for their work and a link back.” I would add that you should download the graphic and then upload it to your own site rather than link to it on the originator’s server, thus eating up his bandwidth. It really bugs me when I see in my server logs that someone’s done that. Sometimes I like to replace the graphic with something obnoxious just to teach them a lesson.

[Thanks Jen for the link.]