Bishops mildly rebuke dissenting priests

Bishops mildly rebuke dissenting priests

Speaking of mild rebukes, Quebec’s bishops are downplaying the open revolt of 19 priests against the Church’s teachings. Instead, they’re calling for ... are you ready for this… dialogue and debate! Whoa, haven’t heard that one before. Of course, dialogue is what we need, because the Church’s teachings on homosexuality are not clear enough and haven’t been talked to death already. Doesn’t dialogue and debate presume an open mind and good intent by all parties to it? These guys have been consistent opponents of Church teaching. There is nothing in their current or past statements on these teachings that lead one to believe that they are confused about the Church’s teachings or that they are honestly seeking the Truth or that they are docile to the Church’s authority.

But once again, a passel of bishops fiddle while the Church burns around them. They do nothing about open dissent and heterodoxy from their own priests and the laity get the message loud and clear. None of it matters. It’s all smoke and mirrors. So if you aren’t entertained by the spectacle and pageantry of Sunday Mass, why bother to go? Is it any wonder people are abandoning their faith by the busload?

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Domenico Bettinelli