Bishops’ follies

Bishops’ follies

Diogenes has posted a boatload of entries at CWN’s Off the Record today. Some of them deal with Bishop Gregory and the US bishops’ meeting, but most of them are a recounting of the worst moments for Florida’s bishops in recent years. It’s sad to see what has happened to some of the successors of the apostles.

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  • It’d be even sadder to read if good Padre Wilson hadn’t chimed in.

    Father Wilson is always great at pointing out that a sense of humor is not just a gift from God…it’s essential for salvation.

    (I said that. Father Wilson didn’t. But I’d bet he’d agree. Or at least consider it.)

    By the way:

    Translated from Real Words to Inclusive Language Speak:

    Father Wilson = Parent Wilchild.

    (Father Wilson DID say that!) wink