Bishop of the ballroom

Bishop of the ballroom

Speaking of violating the liturgical law, did you hear about the installation Mass for the new bishop of Reno, Randolph Calvo?

It was held in a hotel ballroom. (They don’t have a cathedral in Reno?) The bishop’s chair carried in by women wearing floral wreaths. (I guess local ordinaries may now use the sedia gestatoria, not just the Pope.) The bishop wore a face mike a la Britney Spears. At the high point of the ceremony—the laying on of hands—featured a 10-year-old boy blowing a conch shell.

Oh, and his new coat of arms features the Golden Gate Bridge.

Emblazoned on the bottom of Calvo’s coat of arms is his motto, “Come Creator Spirit.” The phrase comes from an ancient prayer, asking the Holy Ghost to help Calvo lead his flock.

Among Calvo’s personal emblems is a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, representing the San Francisco area where he has spent much of his career. Wavy lines under the bridge partially signify Calvo’s love of the outdoors and water sports. He comes to Reno with the reputation as an avid hiker.

Did I mention that he’s of the Levada-Niederauer orbit?

Makes the stole over the chasuble at Niederauer look like vesting for a Tridentine Mass in comparison.

Speaking of which, can you imagine the cries of “triumphalism” if a traditionalist bishop had his throne carried in during his installation?

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