Bishop McManus on $1bn stem cell proposal

Bishop McManus on $1bn stem cell proposal

Bishop Robert McManus of Worcester issued an open letter in response to a proposal by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to set aside $1 billion to fund embryonic stem cell research.

The recent announcement by Governor Deval Patrick to promote embryonic stem cell research in our Commonwealth with over $1 billion in public funds and benefits is morally problematic. The Governor’s proposal uses public support to promote a destructive research method which is reprehensible.

Embryonic stem cell research creates then destroys innocent human life in exchange for the promise of fighting diseases, a clear example of why society believes the end does not justify the means. There have been many very promising research results in this area, using ethical means to acquire stem cells, including umbilical cord blood, placental tissue and adult cells. I urge the Governor to support these morally sound methods.

Additionally, the proposal earmarks a large amount of money for unproven technology in a state that is facing a $1 billion budget deficit and is currently plagued by homelessness, lack of access to affordable healthcare, challenges in education funding, skyrocketing property taxes, and a cost of living which is driving people away. I ask Governor Patrick to reevaluate his priorities and commit public resources to answer the pressing needs of the people of this Commonwealth in order to improve the common good of society for all citizens.

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Domenico Bettinelli