Big changes coming to Boston?

Big changes coming to Boston?

I have heard from various sources that big changes are in store for the Archdiocese of Boston, but that they may be held up pending the appointment of a new archbishop.

I have been told that up to a third of all parishes in the archdiocese (there are about 390 right now) may be closed and consolidated. Some pastors who have plans to renovate their churches are being told to put them off and that unless the roof is about to cave in, no construction work will be approved.

I’ve also been told that Bishop Lennon was prepared to make the big announcement himself, but only if a new permanent archbishop was not going to be appointed by the Pope in the next year. And after consulting Rome, he has decided to put off the announcement, leading me to believe that the appointment of a new archbishop is planned, perhaps this summer.

This is all rumor right now (although I’m working on getting more corroboration), but it has the air of truth to it. Seriously, this archdiocese could stand to close some parishes. In Salem alone we still have six parishes (one just closed last month) and we could get by with three. Perhaps even two. Stay tuned.