Big, bad archdiocese

Big, bad archdiocese

Here’s another “big bad Church beating up on little kids” story in the local Boston paper. A deal with a day care center to renovate and use a spare rectory has fallen through. The article at first makes it sound like the archdiocese is tossing out the kids a la Presentation School, but the reality is much different.

The day care was in a parish slated for closure. A nearby parish offered to let them set up shop in an unused rectory. After a year of negotiations, and the presentation of a plan by the day care of renovations so extensive as to cost $150,000. The archdiocese balked, saying that their renovations would render the building unmarketable should the day care move out, i.e. the next tenant would have to spend a huge amount to get it to be anything other than a day care.

Should the people of that parish and the archdiocese be saddled with that financial burden for the sake of the day care? They were in negotiations, it wasn’t a done deal, and the archdiocese decided they’d reached an impasse.

I’m not saying the archdiocese has always been fair or generous in its real estate dealings, but this smacks of a case of a reporter and an editor trying to create a story to match the recent template.