Beware the breakaway, democratic model

Beware the breakaway, democratic model

This is an object lesson in the dangers of breaking away from the authority of the Church, and of your local bishop, by forming your own parish: A traditionalist Tridentine-rite parish separate from the Newark archdiocese was formed by a priest who had been suspended in the 80s for disobedience is now splitting into pieces as it struggles with life after that founding priest. Fr. Paul Wickens had led the church since founding it 9 years ago, but with his death the people of the church have split into factions as they try to decide on a successor.

With people from Voice of the Faithful calling for a “democratic” Church and sit-in protesters at closed parishes talking about setting up so-called independent parishes, their inevitable results of such innovations are apparent here. Of course, this isn’t news since this has been the history of Protestantism since the Reformation, with about 20,000 different denominations today resulting from the continuing fractures.

One of the four marks of the Church is unity, oneness in the apostolic successors, the bishops. And as much as we may disagree with styles of governing by certain bishops, their authority, individually and as the magisterium, is indispensable.

[Hat tip to Matt Abbott for the link.]
  • Yes, I had the same reaction reading that account on the Free Republic site. The wrangling and divisions about who will ‘choose’ the next priest and how the liturgy will be celebrated show what happens when you divorce yourself from the Body of Christ.

    It should be a lesson to VOTF – but I doubt that it will, unfortunately.

  • The article is correct.  Fr. Perricone is a great priest and the right man to reconcile St. Anthony of Padua back to the Catholic Church.  I know Fr. Perricone, I didn’t know Fr. Wickens.

    In July 2003, he was written up in the New York Times for being a “bad” priest (meaning a good priest) in the parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

    For group of so-called Catholics to reject Fr. John Perricone because of his Archdiocesean “ties”, only means they are committed to schism.

    What OLMC and AOP dissenters share is their lust for the power that properly belongs to a bishop and his delegate, the pastor.

  • I don’t live in New Jersey.  I used to, but attended Mass only once (maybe 10+ years ago) at St Anthony’s.  I have friends in New Jersey who attend there, some for years.

    If you don’t know the background and the players, typing about them and offering opinions is foolish.

    I was a parishioner at one of the churches in West Orange, and when a pastor very popular with some was reassigned, a bunch of people left for other parishes.  They didn’t like the new guy.

    Now, I expect people will think ‘but they didn’t leave the Church’.  In a sense, that’s true, because they folks who went to, say, Our Lady of the Lake in Verona, went from one archdiocesan church to another.  Those who left were still under the authority of the archbishop. 

    But talking about ‘being outside the Church’, ‘leaving the Church’, ‘divorcing yourself from the Body of Christ’, ‘a commitment to schism’, ‘lusting for power’ and the like, is trying to win people back with accusations of disloyalty.

    The folks at St Anthony’s are extremely suspicious, no doubt about it.  With a lot of them, it took years or decades to get that way.  It’ll take a long time to overcome that, if it ever happens.

    The archdiocese has to earn their trust, the Newark archdiocese especially.  Their track record of generosity is very thin.  If the folks who are staying away are properly disposed, a big ‘if’, and if the archdiocese is honest and generous, they will come back to St Anthony’s.

  • I was invited there for the first time to help sing (bass and Liber Propers) for their Christmas Midnight Mass last weekend, so the most I can say primarily concerns their music.  Despite the church being acoustically dead, they have a very talented choir (very good altos, I might add). Unfortunately, some of the people who left included almost the entire male section, leaving only one guy to sing with the women.  I have my own parish to sing for, so I can only hope that those people do come back.

    I have the impression that Fr. Perricone would gladly celebrate the Tridentine rite exclusively, so at least on that ground they can return to St. Anthony’s from that Ramada Inn or wherever.

  • I live in NJ, Mass should only be celebrated in a Catholic Church. It is not to be celebrated in a hotel or motel, we are to be one and not in schism. Too close to what VOTF wants to do. Here in NJ they are trying to take the Church apart also.

  • I make no apology for having an opinion.

    There’s quite a difference between parish shopping as it common in New Jesey where this story is taking place and New York City where I am—and claiming that the “Church/church” belongs to you and your clique because grandpa paid $500 back when that was like $5000 today—which is the claim made by the folks both at OLMC and AOP.  The former is merely a reminder of the current state of the Church and its priests and the latter is schismatic.

    Schism: What else do you want to call defiance of the Archbishop on the matter of the unity of the Church?  Who made Elvira Valdez of the parish of the Motel 6 Pope?

    As far as offering a foolish opinion, you might want to explain, chattr, why the Archdiocese has to earn their trust.  Isn’t it enough that Archbishop Meyers was appointed by the Holy Father and remains in communion with the bishops of the Catholic Church?

  • Patrick:  No need to say you won’t apologise.  But opinions are foolish if no one is close enough to the situation to offer anything except uninformed opinions or opinions based on what a reporter writes.  If you go to St Anthony’s or have spoken personally to some who do, then I’m wrong about you being uninformed, and I apologise.

    To give an example: when I lived in New Jersey, I might be able to speak with some authority about St Joe’s, but I knew nothing at all about Lourdes, St Phil’s or St Rafe’s, though all those parishes were within a ten or twenty minute drive.  There always were people willing to tell me their opinion, though.

    I don’t understand the two sentences in your second paragraph.  What is ‘the former’ in ‘[t]he former is merely a reminder of the current state of the Church’?  People feeling they have a claim on how the parish property is handled because grandpa helped build it—people have felt that way for years. That feeling isn’t peculiar to our time and place, and is independent of the current state of the Church.

    The Church, and local churches, are families.  That means that there are people who get along, people who don’t, people who enjoy each others’ company, and people who haven’t spoken to others for decades and can’t stand each other.  Sometimes familes get repaired.  How does that happen?

    The archdiocese has to earn their trust because it hasn’t been generous with the flock.  The family analogy again: if a father, for thirty years, has ignored some kids or refused requests, it makes sense for the kids not to fully trust that parent.  That’s just a fact of human life.

    People wiser than I are dealing with this problem.  One thing that makes them wiser is that they have experience with folks like those at St Anthony’s, and who understand that there’s nothing to gain, not one thing, by using terms like ‘schism.’  The Pope doesn’t when he and the competent dicastery talk about the problem.

  • Interestingly, I caused a bit of a stir in July when I wrote the following column(s) regarding a situation at St. Anthony of Padua:

    Certain members of that church were none too happy about what I wrote – and they let me know via e-mail.  What a shame.  But I did receive one positive e-mail from an apparent “insider” there, so I guess that counts for something.

  • I sympathize with the people at that parish, but to reject the new priest simply because he comes from the Archdiocese is outrageous. 

    I sympathize with those who love the Latin Mass, but in today’s Church, I’m just happy to have a priest who isn’t gay, or who doesn’t speak out against the Church.  The idiotic music I can sometimes tolerate, although I won’t go to a “guitar mass”, which means once a month I have to go to another parish.

    The least they can do is give the new priest a chance.  Just because he may celebrate the new Mass is not a reason to reject him.

    He could – repeat could – be a bridge between orthodoxy and heterodoxy in the diocese.

  • I am somewhat sympathetic to Chattr’s thoughts on the matter, having fled many a local parish and now driving about 15 miles one-way for Sunday Mass.

    While it is intellectually defensible to opine that ‘the Church does not owe any members anything,’ (and thus, that the Church does not have to “earn” trust,) pure intellectualism does not apply to a lot of decisionmaking, for better or worse.

    It’s also intellectually defensible to state that many people ‘shop’ parishes because they cannot abide the horsehockey they witness, either liturgically or doctrinally from the pulpit—and that those people are well within their rights, if not duty-bound, to find an acceptable place.  There is NO GOOD REASON for a Catholic to support, or even attend, Masses where the priest adds or subtracts from the texts in the Missal.

    In fact, I would argue, defensibly, that those are very good reasons for a Catholic to simply take a walk if they don’t want to get into a fistfight with the perpetrator of the crime (and yes, he IS a perpetrator, and yes, it IS a liturgical crime.)

    Should these people be attracted to Fr. Perricone?  Yup.  He’s a good priest and a good man.  Should he use the Tridentine Rite exclusively?  “Pastoral practice” would seem to argue that he should.

    Should “intellectual purity” be enforced?  Good luck!

  • The issue here is that the chapel was independent..then half the congregation wanted to join the diocese (probably the newbies) and half wanted to stay out of the Diocese that long oppressed them.

    “I sympathize with the people at that parish, but to reject the new priest simply because he comes from the Archdiocese is outrageous. “

    What is outrageous is when priests play games witht he rubrics, what is outrageous is a Church infested with those who reject sacred Tradition, Talking about Touching s outrageous, treating the Mass like a communal meal is outrageous.

    The question is: how long will the Tridentine Mass survive. Can a diocese of hundreds of Novus Ordo Masses tolerate one Tridentine …in most cases no. The Novus Ordo is the mortal enemy of the Tridentine.

  • We need to chill some of the rhetoric and get back to the point. This isn’t a question of whether people should be able to celebrate the Tridentine rite or whether people should be allowed to go to the parish of their choice.

    The situation is whether unity with the Church in the person of your bishop is desirable or not and the obvious effects of breaking away from the Church.

  • Paul N.: not all, and not even a majority (so I’m told from folks who attend at St Anthony’s) have left.  He’s got a chance.

    There are other orthodox priests in the diocese, and I expect they’re watching and storming Heaven with their prayers for Fr Perricone. I don’t know whether there are any in his deanery.  My gratitude to one in the deanery Carmel’s in, goes beyond words of expression.  But, Fr Perricone’s going to have a full plate with his new flock (to mix metaphors).

    Pople reach a ‘breaking point’ by different things: music, the musical instruments, vestments, holding hands during the Our Father, the bidding prayers, ad libbed prayers, etc., etc.  It’s individual, and a one-size-fit’s-all approach to them will never work.  (I’m thinking of the times I’ve seen documents used as weapons, or syllogistic attempts to reason people out of something).

    When the ‘breaking point’ is passed, people go off in different directions.  I can look back on my life and point to maybe a half-dozen ’ breaking points’.  Most have been the equivalent of a couple of two-by-fours to the back of my head, because that’s the only way I would change.  My point is that it’s very difficult to get people to change deeply held opinions.  Aiming accusations of disloyalty at me never worked, never got me to change deeply held beliefs.

  • Dom: yes, unity is desirable.  It’s the goal.  Your second point is very important as well.

    ‘Unity is the goal’ isn’t the only criterion in ascertaining what is to be done.  What individuals, families and groups have gone through needs to be taken into account.

    None of us know what individuals, families and groups have gone through before they went to St Anthony’s or while they’ve been there.  That’s one reason I shrink from using ‘reasoning from first principles’ in looking at the past, present and future at St Anthony’s.

  • Interesting review on Tech Central Station today, of Going My Way:

    When Liberalism Was, Well, Liberal.  ‘The most interesting aspect of the film is the centrality of the motif of generational conflict, and specifically of reconciliation between parents and children. As such, authority is a central concern. … [The means Fr O’Malley is willing to use] are based on an effort to understand exactly what a person is trying to accomplish, and then seeking to figure out an alternative way for them to achieve it.’

  • As Matt Abbott wrote, Fr. Denis McMahon is the figure to note in the NJ story.  He’s the “independent” priest who tore apart the late Fr. John Keane’s unauthorized congregation in Boston; he’s also reported to be an ardent sedevacantist.  By the time his history of sexual abuse and a traffic death for which he was responsible came out, the congregation was already much reduced, and then he went on to do the same in Jersey for Fr. Wickens’ group. 

    Perhaps I should regard him as a scourge sent by God upon disobedient traditionalists.

  • My family has been worshipping at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Orange, NJ for over 6 generations.

    Believe me when I say that Fr. Perricone DESTROYED our church community.  We feel truly blessed now that he is gone from our parish. 

    Fr. Perricone is a very crafty person, who has many people fooled.  I pray that his true nature will be exposed one day.

    I, for one, will continue to work to expose him.  I have personally brought several unethical things that he has done to the attention of the Archdiocese of Newark with some success.

    Unfortunately, the powers that be still seem intent on protecting wayward priests – which is more of a threat to the Church than anything else – in my opinion.

  • From a Jan. 2003 Memo from Bishop Robert A. Brucato, Office of the Vicar General, Archdiocese of New York:

    (Less than 6 months later he was appointed at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel – Unlucky US!!!.  To date the Archdiocese of Newark has NEVER responded to our concerns about this memo, although they confirmed that this memo was issued by Bishop Brucato (even admitting such in a 2003 Star Ledger Article).  They have never told us what prompted this memo, or how it was resolved.  However, they did admit that)

    Father John. A. Perricone has no faculties from the Archdiocese of New York and has been forbidden from exercising any ministerial role here, even those flowing from faculties received at ordination.  He is also restricted from exercising his ministerial role even in his own Archdiocese of Newark.

    (I have a copy of the actual memo).

  • I would like to address Magdalene and her comments.  “Father John A Perricone has no faculties from the Archdiocese of New York and has been forbidden from exercising any miniserial role here, even those flowing from faculties received at ordination.”  There are no quotes around these remarks in your post.  Am I to assume that this is not an actual quote, but your interpretation?  If it is you should be very careful, this could be considered slander.  If you have a copy of the memo than produce it.

      Are reasonable individuals supposed to believe in a time post sex scandal that a priest who is suspended is sent not only to another diocese, but also placed as a Pastor in this diocese?  Come now, even you do not really believe that do you?  If you had credible evidence the Archdiocese would have acted on it.  The Star Ledger article, from July of 2003, that you quoted, also went on to say that there was no credible evidence against this priest and the charges were dismissed.  Just what did he do at your Parish?  Don’t you feel obligated to let others know about this “crafty” person, as you referred to him as?  He is a priest in good standing in this Archdiocese of Newark.  Prove this to be false or move on.  It seems as if this is just sour grapes.

  • Actually, that WAS a direct quote from Bishop Brucato’s memo.  In addition, if a statement is TRUE then there can be no action for slander or libel.

    I would be happy to email or mail you a copy of the memo.  The more people that read it the better.  (Please provide your information and I will be happy to produce it for you just as I have provided copies to others who could be affected negatively by Fr. Perricone)

    Lastly, it is also true that Fr. Perricone’s faculties are STILL suspended in the Archdiocese of New York. 

    Why, you say, would Archbishop Myers appoint him pastor?  First, they are OLD friend, and both clerical members of OPUS DEI.  In fact, when Fr. Perricone came to our church, we were OVERRUN with Opus Dei members. 

    Eventually, I pray, that Archbishop Myers will tire of protecting him and remove him from his current post at St. Anthony of Padua.

    What has also saddened me throughout the past 2 years is the fact that SO MANY priests are aware of Fr. Perricone’s past, yet, like cops, they have their own “blue wall of silence” that prevents them from pressuring the Archdiocese to do anything.

  • Why was he suspended, no reason was given.  No one came along to protect Fr.Wickens.  He was suspended as well, for no good reason I may add.  Please give more information about his so called past.  No such information is available on the net, wouldn’t something like that be a public matter.

      As to Opus Dei, they deny he is a member.  Archbishop Meyers is also not listed as a supporting Bishop.  I think that this is more conspiracy theory.  Besides, what is so wrong with Opus Dei.  By all accounts it is merely a conservative group seeking to make people’ s lives more holy.  The founder was canonized Saint by Pope John Paul II.  Are you questioning the Pope’s ability to recognize wrong doing?  Or doubting his ability to Canonize infallibly?  Is it the Da Vinci Code that concerns you, that is merely a fictional novel.  It is funny how you sound like members of the SSPX, I bet that makes your skin crawl.  I see no evidence that he is a member.

      No priest or bishop in this day and age would go out on a limb for any priest.  What did he do?  Are you referring to the Fr.Quigley connection?  Wouldn’t he be in jail with him if he were involved.

  • Actually a reason was given for his suspension.  The spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Newark said that it stemmed from an “abuse allegation”. 

    Fr. Wickens, who I had great respect for, was suspended for doing what most priests today are too cowardly to do, i.e., risk their own welfare in order to point out corruption in the church.

    Perricone is very much a member and tried to persuade several of our parishioners to join Opus Dei.  (They have a house not far from our church in South Orange).  Myers is also a member and traveled to Rome for the canonization of Escriva.

    The many things that have come to light regarding Opus Dei, EXCLUDING the Da Vinci Code, are extremely troubling and MANY MANY people took issue with the way in which Escriva’s canonization proceeded. 

    In my opinion, in a church where pedophiles are protected, corruption in the canonization process is not unimaginable.

    If Fr. Perricone were involved in the Fr. Quigley scandal (after all they were seminarians together and co-founded Christus Rex), I would not be suprised.  But even if he was not involved, I have personally witnessed enough to have no respect for him whatsoever.

    Hmmm and isn’t it interesting that Fr. Gabriel Tethrow, who was assisting Fr. Perricone at St. Anthony until last month recently admitted to viewing and downloading child pornography at a church in Pennsylvania where he was living prior to coming to St. Anthony at Fr. Perricone’s request.  This was reported in the Scranton Times Tribune.

    Birds of a feather?

    I am confident that Fr. Perricone’s true nature will come to light eventually.

  • The abuse allegation was dismissed or did you miss that point.  There is no credible evidence that Fr.Perricone has ever done anything like that.  How did you find out about Fr.Tetherow?  By the way that is not where he was living prior to his coming to St.Anthony’s.  By all accounts the episode has been exagerated and no criminal charges are going to be filed.  Fr.Perricone had no way to know of this indiscretion.  The board did a thorough background check.  To make such statements as Birds of a feather (Thor76) is slander.  You have no evidence.  Where is the memo you were going to send?

      The Opus Dei connection is getting old.  Opus Dei states he is not a member.  He has not tried to recruit anyone at our Chapel.  Meyers may have gone to the canonization Mass, however look for yourself at the list of supporting bishops, he is not on it.  What is troubling about Opus Dei?  Are you sure you are from OLMC and not the SSPX?  You sound just like them.  Which is it he is Opus Dei or he is a pedophile?  His true nature?  By the way Opus Dei does not support the Tridentine Mass which Fr.Perricone surely does.  He was a personal friend of Fr.Wickens.  I trust Fr.Wickens judgement, he was my Pastor for close to 20 years.  Where is the memo, I am still waiting to see it.

  • Again, please provide me with an email adress or regular mail address(you can send it to me through this website) and I will email you the memo.

    I tried to email to you through this website but I can not because it isn’t possible to send attachments.  (The memo is saved as a PDF file).

    If the allegation was dismissed, why is Fr. Perricone still suspended in the Archdiocese of New York?

    I am not a member of the SSPX.  In fact, I never even knew what SSPX stood for until a few months ago.  I was raised in a Novus Ordo parish and really knew little about the Traditional Catholic movement or Independent Chapels until Fr. Perricone was appointed to our church.

    The bottom line is that my parish has suffered greatly due to Fr. Perricone’s actions.  I am entitled to my opinion about him and I am entitled to speak the truth about him as we live in America.

    I am happy to hear you voice your opinion as well.  I just hope that Fr. Perricone’s behavior does not ruin your Chapel.

    Fr. Perricone took control of our church, dismissed long time employees, spent money lavishly putting us in debt, removed items from our church (including a crucifix worth over $3,000 dollars), told our Padre Pio prayer group that they could no longer meet at the church as they have been doing for the past 16 years, removed stained glass windows from our church that have never been found, removed monstrances that have never been found, threw away parish property such as records, vestments, and items donated to the church by long standing parishioners, spent thousands to renovate our rectory, especially his master bedroom suite.

    I am not afraid to say any of this publicly because it is all true.  One of our parishioners wrote to the Archdiocese regarding the missing items at our parish.  Although Fr. Perricone never admitted to removing them, some of them, including the crucifix, miraculously appeared at our church one day, delivered by Fr. Gabriel himself. 

    The chapel of Saint Anthony of Padua, and the original members of the parish, are always in my prayers.  I hope that Fr. Perricone does not do a repeat performance at Saint Anthony.

    I am happy to provide a copy of the memo to you at any time.

  • Give me a break.  He stole stained glass windows?  Why would he throw away vestments and religious articles?  He has been rescueing old vestments, traditional ones from the garbage.  I do not believe this for a second.  If he stole these items then why not have him arrested or at least questioned by the police.  This would be considered a felony.  The board at our chapel were accused of throwing away articles to by the members of our Chapel who have left.
      I know you know what the SSPX is, were you not one of the OLMC parishioners part of the original lawsuit?  How is it that you do not know anything about the Traditional movement yet you say you know who Fr.Wickens is?  A lot of what you have said contradicts itself.  If you had read the Star Ledger article carefully you would have seen that the charges were found to be unfounded.  Pick an accusation and try to make it stick.  Opus Dei, thief, pervert, which is it?  You expect me to believe that a priest who travels all over the country making speeches is actually a suspended priest, give me a break.  By the way any action brought against him in NY were just retaliation by Cardinal Egan, he does not support the TLM as Cardinal O’Connor did. 

      The people who left left because they do not want to have a bishop or at least not Archbishop Meyers.  Half of them do not think he is a priest because of his being ordained in 1976.  They do not even consider the mass or sacraments that you are receiving are valid, go ahead ask them.  I am one of the original parishioners.  Fr. Wickens was a friend of Fr. Perricone.  He wanted him to be the pastor.  I trust his judgement.  I sent you my e-mail, I will try to send it again.  Where did you get this memo, it is not available on-line. 

  • I can see and you can all see that Magdelan has not responded to my post.  I have sent her several e-mails and provided her with my e-mail address and still no memo has been produced.  Just like I thought she had no credible evidence against Fr.Perricone.  Calumny and backbiting are against the eighth commandment.  No matter though, right?  You hate this priest and don’t care to get your “facts” straight. 

  • Well,  I sent the memo.  Read it and weep.  Would anyone else like a copy?

    If so, email me through this site and I will be happy to send it.

    I hope everyone had a Blessed Easter! 


    Ontarget: Give me a break.  He stole stained glass windows?  Why would he throw away vestments and religious articles?  He has been rescueing old vestments, traditional ones from the garbage.

    Magdalene: WELL maybe he didnt throw them away, maybe he kept them for his “PERSONAL COLLECTION”.  I have friends who attend St. Anthony’s who are on the look out for any of our property that is missing – just in case our stained glass windows should miraculously appear at St. Anthony’s.

    Ontarget: Were you not one of the OLMC parishioners part of the original lawsuit?

    Magdalene: NO PARISHIONER of OLMC was a party to the lawsuit filed by the parishioners of St. Anthony who left the Chapel – althought I WAS EXTREMELY SORRY that the judge did not grant the injunction.  You are insinuating that OLMC parishioners joined the lawsuit to suggest that the number of plaintiffs does not accurately reflect the number of people who have left St. Anthony.  You and I both know that 2/3rds of the original chapel parishioners have left.  The chapel now is attended mainly by Perricone’s Opus Dei associates and their families.

    Ontarget: How is it that you do not know anything about the Traditional movement yet you say you know who Fr.Wickens is?

    HAVING grown up in Orange, NJ and having attended OLMC School which is LITERALLY around the corner from St. Venantius, where Fr. Wickens was when his fall out with the Archdiocese occurred, it would be unusual if i DID NOT know who Fr. Wickens was.  Some of my family members were also parishioners of St. Venantius back then.

    Also, Fr. Wicken’s split with the Archdiocese had NOTHING TO DO with the traditional movement.  At that time he was in a Novus Ordo parish and the split stemmed from his refusal to institute the sex education curriculum that the Archdiocese was putting in ALL CATHOLIC SCHOOLS.  Therefore it is not ludicrous that I would know who Fr. Wickens was without being familiar with the Traditional Catholic movement.  In addition, to be more precise, Fr. Wickens was not only a TRADITIONALIST but an INDEPENDENT meaning independent of the ARCHDIOCESE.  I can not understand how you can now claim that he would have welcomed the Archdiocese.

    Ontarget: By the way any action brought against him in NY were just retaliation by Cardinal Egan, he does not support the TLM as Cardinal Oromised to support.

    If he stole stained glass windows than why not report him to the police?  Give me a break, I still do not believe you.  You have not provided any evidence to substatiate your claim.  Again this is SLANDER AND LIABLE. 

    The memo, for all interested parties, looks like the unibomber manifesto.  It is not typed.  It is smeared and hard to read.  How many Bishops do you know would sign their names R.A.B.?  There is no reason given for any action taken against Fr.Perricone.  The word suspension is not used.  The memo is from two years ago.  Not Credible in the least.

    As to the supposed 2/3rds of the parish who left, why did they leave?  Have you asked them that?  First they said the Chapel was willed to the SSPX and they had actual proof of this, TOTALLY FALSE.  They now admit that Fr.Wickens may have made a mistake and feel that they know better.  One family actually confronted Fr.Wickens after a treatment shoving papers in his face and wagging their fingers saying “its my church, not yours”.  Fr.Wickens was so upset that he slammed the door behind them breaking it off the hinges, unlike you I have two witnesses to this fact.  They could still be coming to the Chapel.  They do not want any part of the Archbishop.  They don’t think your mass is valid, did you know that.  They were the hard nose traditionalists as Fr.Wickens called them and he was aware that they would leave.  Many have come in their place, not Opus Dei, even if they are so what?  Again pick an allegation and make it stick.  You have no credibility!!!!!

  • some people won’t believe the truth, even when its staring them in the face…

    i am not responding to this thread any longer, i have faith that at some point even those who remain at st. anthony of padua will come to see fr. perricone’s true nature…

    until then, i will continue to say Pope Leo’s prayer to St. Michael with this intention…


    These most crafty enemies have filled and inebriated with gall and bitterness the Church, the spouse of the immaculate Lamb, and have
    laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions. In the Holy Place itself, where has been set up the See of the most holy Peter and the Chair of Truth for the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered.mment>
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    2004-12-30 18:17:28
    Congrats to your sister Dom.
    I hope Mom and child are well.
    Here’s to new life!