Because the state is so good at caring for kids

Because the state is so good at caring for kids

A string of state officials and medical professionals all failed Haleigh Poutre, the Massachusetts 12-year-old girl who was nearly removed from life support by the state child welfare agency before she began a miraculous recovery. Haleigh ended up in that state after she was allegedly beaten by her adoptive mother while her stepfather stood by. (The adoptive mother later killed herself in a murder-suicide with her mother.)

Massachusetts Social Services Commissioner Harry Spence has said his agency was aware that Haleigh had been suffering serious injuries over the past few years, but he said social workers and Haleigh’s doctors believed the girl was hurting herself.

Yet everyone’s worried that Catholic Charities and the Church’s teaching on homosexuality is the real danger to adopted children. Pot, kettle, black.

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