Because he’s doing such a fine job

Because he’s doing such a fine job

If it weren’t true, it wouldn’t be believable. Parents and teachers in a Northern Ireland school want the priest-chaplain returned to duty even though a tabloid has published photos of him attending a gay group-sex party. (Paid subscription required; free trial available.)

    Headteacher, Margaret McQuillan, told the Observer newspaper that teachers, parents, and pupils had been “absolutely devastated” by what had happened. She said, “He is a loyal and true friend, and it is terrible that someone out there wants to destroy his character. We just want Father McGuigan back in the parish doing what is his true vocation.”

As opposed to doing what is evidently his avocation. Who exactly is destroying his character—the priest himself by his behavior or the newspaper for exposing it? Assuming the photos are actually of him, isn’t his character destroyed by his own actions whether they are public or not?

And how effective a priest can he be when he is now publicly seen to be flouting the Church’s teachings? Unless he comes forward with a complete disavowal of his actions and behavior, everything he says and does is now tainted. It would also be interesting to know what actions the bishop is taking.

It’s funny that the people associated with the school leap immediately to the priest’s defense without first considering what is being alleged. If the man is an active homosexual, what does that mean for what he is teaching their children?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli