Beatles, shmeatles

Beatles, shmeatles

So Apple introduces the most amazing iPods yet today, removing a few of the remaining flaws pointed out by critics(like being able to buy music directly from iTunes using the device) and what does the major business magazine say?

“iPod Refresh Does Not Include the Beatles,” says “Business Week”.

Let’s set aside for a moment dismissing a major shakeup of one of the most successful consumer electronic product lines as a “refresh”. Why is everybody so obsessed about the Beatles coming to the iTunes Store? Can you not buy every single one of their albums not just individually, but in multiple box sets, in CD format as it is? Can you not rip them to your computer’s hard drive to your heart’s content?

Yes, the Beatles were groundbreaking. Many people consider them to be the greatest rock band ever. Fine.

I suppose this is wider than just a rant about media coverage of the iPod and Apple, but I just don’t understand why everybody practically pees their pants at the mere mention of the Beatles. Maybe I’m too young too understand the greatness that is the Beatles. Maybe it’s because I’m not a member of the Baby Boomer generation, which still thinks the world revolves around it and chafes at the thought that they’re not considered the Greatest Generation by anyone but themselves.

Still, it’s a bit annoying that every time over the past two years that Apple has said it was announcing a new product, this “Beatles on iTunes” rumor pops up. On the other hand, maybe this time it’s actually going to happen. Ack! Now I’m doing it.

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