BC Law school honors pro-abort pol

BC Law school honors pro-abort pol

It’s not a given that no one who has ever espoused a dissenting or heterodox point of view should never be allowed to speak anywhere on a Catholic campus. I can imagine al kinds of reasons and venues for such a person to be given a platform, as long as it was made clear that the school did not endorse the point of view and that a rebuttal was given to the erroneous views. And that the school is not seen as bestowing honors upon this person or excusing their erroneous views.

So when I hear that Boston College Law School is hosting a pro-abortion speaker I want to know the details. Unfortunately, the details do not fit the situations I described above. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Boston College Law School invited Congressman Edward J. Markey, who openly supports abortion “rights”, to speak at its 2007 Law School commencement.

Stating his pleasure at announcing Markey’s acceptance of the engagement, the College Law Dean, John H. Garvey, lauded Markey as “one of the most distinguished graduates of Boston College Law School, whose career of public service reflects the very best values and traditions of the School.”

Then Garvey must not be referring to the Catholic values and traditions which supposedly underpin the Catholic school’s mission because Markey has voted in favor of or expressed an intention to vote in favor of unfettered abortion access, embryonic stem cell research, public funding of Planned Parenthood, and on and on.

Markey was among a group of 55 Catholic Democrat congressmen who attempted to claim that while they’re okay with legalized murder of unborn children, they’re really good Catholics because they feel bad about it.

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