BC adjunct resigns over Condi Rice speech

BC adjunct resigns over Condi Rice speech

An adjunct professor of English has resigned from Boston College over the Condoleeza Rice honorary degree. Oh no, what will BC do? The Boston Globe published an open letter from a Steve Almond in which he says he’s resigning because she’s a liar and because “Rice’s actions as secretary of state are inconsistent with the broader humanistic values of the university and the Catholic and Jesuit traditions from which those values derive.” Almond says his objection is not simply to the Iraq War but because, he claims, “She has lied to the American people knowingly, repeatedly, often extravagantly over the past five years, in an effort to justify a pathologically misguided foreign policy.” Oh well, as long a you’re being reasonable and not hpyerbolic.

Once again, where were all these people when BC has been honoring and giving platforms to all the pro-abortion and dissenting Catholic politicians, when it was employing witches as professors and dissenters in the theology department? Where was all this concern for Catholic teaching? This is nothing but liberal politics hiding under the guise of Catholic devotion, nothing more.

I will add, again, that I agree that Rice should not receive this honorary degree or be given the opportunity to give the commencement speech for her “pro-choice” position and not for any other reason.

Incidentally, who is Steve Almond? According to the Globe‘s author id: “Steve Almond is the author of the story collections ‘‘The Evil B. B. Chow” and ‘‘My Life in Heavy Metal.”” I’ll run right out and buy them. As for his adjunct professorship, there’s a dozen people waiting in line behind to get the job. I know because my wife was an adjunct professor of English at Salem State College, and they’re treated like they’ve been scraped up from the bottom of the barrel.

Update: Commenter Patrick found Almond’s web site in which you can find out that he’s written for Playboy, “Best American Erotica” in 2004 and 2005, and various other porn outlets. On the one hand, BC is much better off without this porn purveyor (I’m sure all those parents who think their kids are getting a nice Catholic education will be happy to know this), but on the other hand, what was he doing there in the first place? Don’t answer: It’s a rhetorical question.

Update 2: I got the website wrong in the link, although all the information is correct. It’s stevenalmond.com with an “N”. Not “stevealmond”.

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