Bashing the Church for gay marriage

Bashing the Church for gay marriage

The Massachusetts infection is spreading. Connecticut’s Legislature is debating a bill to create a fiction known as “same-sex marriage” and supporters are using fear, misinformation, and anti-Catholic prejudice to advance it.

This is how you change a fundamental building block of society like the definition of family and marriage: you bully your opponents and intimidate them and demonize them…

In a recent legislative hearing, one of the representatives repeatedly accused a Catholic testifying against the bill of hating homosexuals.

Representative Michael Lawlor, a proponent of homosexual ‘marriage’ repeatedly asserted falsely that Brown, a Catholic, believed homosexual people were intrinsically evil. Lawlor, joined by Senator Edwin Gomes continued this line of attack even after [Brian] Brown [executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut] repeatedly insisted that he agreed with the Catholic Church’s position that homosexual acts, and not homosexual persons are intrinsically evil.

A transcript of the exchange is available at that link above. Here’s a representative sampling:

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • They base gay marriage on the failure of marriage in recent decades, not the success of marriage for human civilization. Of course there won’t be any consequences when marriage is a shell of its former self. How is that good policy?

    What about young unwed parents? This segment and their children though at the most vulnerable, these children for their own well being need their parents in low-conflict stable relationships so children can succeed later on in life. Head Start can’t prevent baby mama drama, only marriage can.

    Just two weeks ago I had a young man, a neighbor tell me he was going to be a father. He was so excited, but also nervous because of the grave responsibility it is to care for a family. Despite all the unformed/broken/fractured families, young people want a good marriage for themselves and for their baby’s mother/father; and more importantly for their children.

    Activists treat it like a social status for political gain, not an apolitical obligation that one has to their spouse and children. Will it ever stop? Anyone oppose to this is labeled a bigot. Are we going to wait until a priest gets charged with a hate crime when he denies two Catholics of the same sex the Sacrament of Marriage? One might say it will never get that far, but we’ve gone this far regarding the deconstruction of marriage so we will have to answer this sooner or later.

    In the recently published book “The Future of Marriage”, Blankenhorn (self described liberal democrat) over the past 20 years has worked hard in his research to reverse the trends of divorce and children born never to see their parents obtain wedlock.  Recently there has been improvement in the numbers stabilizing. The first page of the introduction explains itself, why he had to address gay marriage. He was going to be seen as a homophobic bigot by activists, if he didn’t endorse the practice. He didn’t back down though.

    As someone with a deep interest in marriage, I’ve been rather blown away regarding the intensity of Blankenhorn’s book. It can make someone blush. I’m only on page 60 and seeing how all the dots are being connected; all the answers so many of my generation at least who have been emerged at a young age of complicated sexual drama of the sexual revolution. Learning the historical marital practices of the ancient River Valleys or the isolated Trobriand Islands compared to telling a teenager boy to use his normal hormonal development for solitary recreational activity would give him a better appreciation to become a responsible and rather proud husband and father down the road.

  • The comments of the CT legislators provide evidence to the post above “The humorless, totalitarian, fundamentalist Left.”

  • Lawlor co-chairs the CT Judiciary Committee – which must approve this bill before it goes to the House for a vote. The other co-chair is Andy MacDonald. Both of these guys are openly homosexual. These are the men our fellow citizens elected.

    The Judicary Comittee is voting at this moment.

  • Pray for Conn.! Pray for Rhode Island, where our Bishop has been called hateful, bigoted, homophobic and NON-Christian BY Catholics for standing against gay “marriage”.
    For anyone who is interested in a gay person’s view of the homosexual agenda, I found a heartrending, sincere article via Roman Catholic Blog. The address, (not a link, here) is:

    (minus the return) It’s worth reading. It certainly answers the doubts we may have when, in the dead of night, our consciences replay all the accusations of hate and prejudice that have been thrown at us. The most vulnerable people are teens and young adults who are bound to come home crying about whether or not they are depriving their own friends of the right to love if they don’t support the gay lifestyle.

  • The big tragedy in all this, for many of us, is that the political party whose members are mostly responsible for using anti-Catholic bigotry to promote the Gay Agenda is the Democrat Party. My grandmother was the first Democrat state Comitteewoman and FDR’s pick to be head of the Mass.CCC during the depression (making her the No. 2 woman in the Fed government behind Sec. of Labor Frances Perkins). My father was on the Lynn, Mass. Dem City Committeee for over 50 years and the Dem candidate for various statewide offices when Dems were going nowhere in Mass. in the 1940s. Today I am an independent (or unenrolled as they now say) and most of my kids are Republicans. We have been driven from the party of our heritage, not just by the non-Catholic haters in the Dem Party, but by the fraudulent Dem Catholics who use their positions of power and influence to trash their own heritage and promote one moral abomination after another.

  • Deacon Bresnahan:

    How true and how sad!  My parents were devout Catholics and loyal Democrats.  My mom carried a seemingly eternal Republican precinct for John Kennedy in 1960.  My dad, out of anger with the lack of social concern from the Hoover Administration, started the Illinois Republicans for Roosevelt in 1932.  Democrats then were Catholic and often suspect for their social concerns about the poor, though they were strong supporters of defense and moral values.

    Now, my parents and their generation would vomit on the garbage that is spewed by Democrats at every level, from Presidential contenders to U.S. Senators and all the the way down to the ward and precinct level.  The Party that they once nurtured and supported died in the 1970s. 

    Perhaps, its time for all Catholics to decide whether they are hot or cold lest they, too, be vomited out.

  • The trouble with being independent is that we then have no say at the primaries—so how can we reform the Dem Party by leaving it? I just keep being a Democrat who can rarely vote for one…