Baby shopping

Baby shopping

No, not shopping for babies, but registering for baby stuff. Melanie and I went to Babies R Us today with my mom and my sister Evy. It being Super Bowl Sunday, I told them I had to be home by 4. Yes, I know the game doesn’t start until six, but I was already giving up much of the pre-game coverage for this. Of course I wore my New England Patriots jersey. Yes, I knew they weren’t playing today. That’s not the point. The guys understand. In fact, the other husbands who were picking out onesies when they really wanted to be watching four hours of pre-game show all had their Patriots shirts on too.

The store was overwhelming. I completely concur with the other new dad apparently registering with wife, mother-in-law, and sister who said, “I guess Babies R Us is my new Home Depot.” At least I got to use the cool hand scanner on the bar codes. It looks just like a phaser! They know how to keep the men interested; give them electronic gadgets. I wanted to immediately sit down and take it apart, but Melanie said that I was the one who was on a time limit. She was right, of course.

Thank God my sister was there to help us. As the voice of experience with three kids under five, she knew exactly what we would need, what we wouldn’t need, and most importantly, what she could loan us that she doesn’t need for now. Even so, it took hours to look at all the nursing pillows, baby bottles, diaper pails, diaper bags, strollers, car seats, car seat covers, stroller covers, bouncy chairs, high chairs, rocking chairs, playpens (I’m sorry… play yards; “only animals are in pens.”), cribs, bassinets, sheets, toys, baskets, bumpers, gates, latches, night lights, changing tables, diapers ... and then the CLOTHES.

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Domenico Bettinelli