Baby and the Boomers

Baby and the Boomers

For all you non-Bostonians, the upcoming Democratic National Convention and the attendant traffic and security nightmares have dominated the news recently. In the grand tradition of “Charlie on the MTA” (1, 2), a local country band named Baby and the Boomers have come out with a song to commemorate the event called “You Can’t Get There From Here.” It spoofs what will become amazingly bad traffic jams as every major highway and subway route in and out of the city is closed during rush hours, sending commuters onto overpacked buses and tiny city streets. It will surely be a royal mess. Thank you Democrats.

N.B. The story of “Charlie on the MTA” is told one those two web pages I linked above, but the short version is that the song was written in protest of a subway fare increase and tells the story of a man who was doomed to ride the T forever because he didn’t have enough fare money to pay the subway exit fee. It was surely a staple of the 60s and 70s protest movement. I heard it at a hippie fair in Maine many years ago when I was a kid. (How I happened to be there is another story)

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli