Away from the manger

Away from the manger

Some people just don’t get irony anymore. A library in Memphis said it would be inappropriate to have Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in a nativity scene on the library grounds, so the stable only contains the animals and a stable boy. They’ve evicted Jesus from Christmas. I wonder if they filed a restraining order on Joseph’s family to keep them 100 yards from the stable at all times.

Stupid politically correct bureaucrats with an animus against Christianity want a holiday, they just don’t want the God that goes with it. Sort of like the “I’m spiritual, not religious” crowd, which means they want the good feeling of going to heaven without actually having to abide by any inconvenient rules.

According to a statement from ADF, the controversy arose when Brandi Chambless, a member of the music ministry at Broadmoor Memphis Church, submitted an announcement for display on the library’s community shelves regarding the church’s upcoming Christmas show. Library officials accepted the announcement but told Chambless that she would have to remove the “inappropriate” figures of the baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, and the wise men from an accompanying nativity scene and limit it to farm animals alone.

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Domenico Bettinelli