Artificial wombs, artificial arguments, artificial dignity

Artificial wombs, artificial arguments, artificial dignity

It’s amazing how stuff that is morally objectionable, especially in the bioethical realm, is so readily taken for granted by the mainstream media. Just as amazing is how easily the mainstream media can smear pro-lifers unfairly. We have examples of both of those in the August 2005 Popular Science article on “Artificial Wombs.”

The article examines the work being done to create artificial wombs that could carry babies to term outside of their mothers. Talk about treating human beings like mere units of production and stripping human dignity. That’s exactly what this is. As I was reading it, I kept thinking about how many children die every year in the process of such research, how many embryos killed. But, of course, we’re told that it’s for the good of parents who so desparately desire a child of their own. Never mind that there are millions of children looking for an adoptive home and hundreds of thousands more ever year who are aborted. What they selfishly want is my baby, as if what’s important about a baby is that he carried my genetic material.

And with artifical wombs, you wouldn’t need the messiness, discomfort, and sacrifice of pregnancy to nurture the unborn child physicially, emotionally, and spiritually. After all, the womb isn’t just a place to physically mature. There is an interaction and bonding between mother and child. You know those old horrific experiments where they denied children any kind of affection from the moment of birth and they thus failed to thrive? What will happen when they’re denied that from the moment of conception?

Oh yeah, and then there’s the smear on pro-lifers.