Arrest report of the day

Arrest report of the day

Just when you think these sorts of things can’t get any worse, here comes something else to make you cringe. The Smoking Gun has the arrest report and mug shot of an (apparently) Byzantine Catholic priest who was found allegedly intoxicated and naked from the waist down at a resort, demanding sexual favors, pulling a fire alarm, and sexually assaulting people. (Warning: the reports quotes the priest as yelling an obscene phrase.)

You know it’s getting bad when you don’t get outraged anymore, you just sigh and move on.

  • Lee,

    Thanks for the clarification. It appears it was an accident, but it’s no less embarrassing for everyone, especially as it becomes more ammuniton for those who want to hate the Church.

  • My brother had a incredibly weird reaction to a pain killer and he didn’t even have any alcohol. He started hallucinating and gettng paranoid about 2 hours after taking the drub. Some people can be sent into lala land with the wrong drug combination. This is just way to weird. Most drunk people don’t act this way.

  • Gerald,

    Do you think wishing a blessed Easter and saying “Christ is Risen” somehow mitigates your own lack of Christian love (as you seem to understand it)?

    The story is out there. What does pretending this sort of thing doesn’t happen do to help. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    But then I can understand why you of all people would be sensitive to this sort of thing.