Archbishop needs rescuing

Archbishop needs rescuing

The retired arcbishop of New Orleans, Philip Hannan, is stranded in his office and needs rescuing.. From the Times-Picayune message boards:

Please help us rescue retired Archbishop Philip Hannan, who is at his Focus TV office in Metairie at 106 Metairie Lawn Drive (perhaps 3rd fl). He’s alive and has food, but along w/ others in the building - a former Verizon substation—needs rescue. Any info? Call his niece, Peg, at 703-863-6138. God bless you.

Meanwhile, the seminarians of St. Joseph Seminary in St. Benedict, near New Orleans are alive and well and caring for 100 elderly and sick refugees. They’re running on generator power and there’s no flooding, but the roads are blocked and there’s no way in or out.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli