Archbishop Hughes onboard

Archbishop Hughes onboard

Here’s another one. Archbishop Alfred Hughes of New Orleans says pro-abortion, pro-assisted suicide, etc. Catholic politicians should refrain from Communion. Okay, it’s not as strong as Archbishop-elect Burke’s command that they should be denied Communion. It’s self-policing and we know how well that will work.

Technically, the archbishop’s order pertains to abortion, assisted suicide or any other life issue, which I think includes stem cells, cloning, and such.

“When Catholic officials openly support the taking of human life in abortion, euthanasia or the destruction of human embryos, they are no longer faithful members in the Church and should not partake of Holy Communion,” Hughes wrote.

And then the Catholic pols begin to squirm and cry about separation of church and state. Look, the bishop isn’t saying these guys can’t be politicians, he’s saying that they can’t call themselves Catholic if they don’t remain in communion with the Church. He’s not trying to influence the way they vote, he’s trying to convert their hearts and removing from them the fundraising cover of being a good Catholic. And nothing scares politicians more than making it more difficult for them to raise money.

Let’s hope that more bishops jump on the bandwagon and follow the trail that Bishop Burke is blazing.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli