Archbishop Chaput wades in

Archbishop Chaput wades in

Want to see a Shepherd take the Gospel to the hostile world? Check out Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver.

Verbal fisticuffs broke out Tuesday between Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput and a luncheon audience that challenged him to defend the church’s role in public life.

“Why do (religions) feel they have to impose their views on us?” asked one woman during a spirited question-and-answer session following Chaput’s speech to the City Club of Denver.

“If we don’t - you’ll impose your views on us,” Chaput shot back to murmurs from the group of about 120 business and civic leaders.

This is a bishop with backbone. I might quibble with some of the answers, but I won’t because all I have is what the newspaper is reporting. I would rather see the transcript of his actual remarks to make any sort of judgment. But the very fact that he was willing to move beyond the comfort of the chancery to engage a sometimes hostile crowd on the most controversial issues of the day, sets Archbishop Chaput apart from the rest of the crowd.

  • Great story to read.

    “I’ll take any child that’s unwanted and find them a home and take care of the mother,” he said. “You have my personal pledge on that.”

    About time someone was able to say that loud enough to be heard somewhere. 

  • I dislike all the breathless speculation on a successor to John Paul 2 – but behold the man!!! Too bad all our freaky American “theologians” make it impossible for the cardinals to trust an American. On the other hand, I would like Chaput to stay right here and fix what’s broken in the U.S. Coincidentally, my son, who just graduated in December from LeMoyne College (Jesuit), just moved to Colorado. He received his invitation to the spring commencement(They lump the December grads with the spring crop) – guess who the commencement speakers are? None other than Peter and Peggy Steinfels – those 2 madcap dissenters. If we’re lucky maybe they’ll bring along Joan Chichester(sp). Perhaps my son should invite his new Archbishop – what a discussion that would be.

  • “To applause, another questioner observed that if the church wants to be part of public life, “When is the church going to agree to pay taxes?” 

    “I run 50 Catholic schools that keep you from paying more taxes – is that worth it to you?” Chaput shot back. 

    It was the state, he said, that recognizes that tax exemptions allow faith groups to mount masive social service programs, which benefit all society.”

    I really like it.  He is an amazing Bishop.  Last year I found his email on his web site.  In reference to an article of his I read I sent him an email thankyou at 7am eastern time.  I never expected him to reply almost immediately at 5:10am Mtn time to say thank you and that he appreciated the prayers. 

  • I just wish he were faithful in what might appear to be “small things”. He should read “Jesus Christ The Bearer Of The Water Of Life” and then he should read the the dangers of “Centering Prayer” which are contrary to Christian prayer. New age to the max.

    Below is just one of the many introductions like this at the archdiocese site.

    Archdiocese of Denver – DCR – Bulletin Board… discussion groups and two opportunities to experience centering prayer. … schedule
    available at

  • Archbishop Chaput is wonderful.  Cut him some slack on the centering prayer garbage.  I see a trend with some bishops to allow such drivel only to pacify the pro-women’s ordination crowd.  In our diocese, the Diocesan Commission on Women is loaded with feminists which is aggravating, but NOBODY pays attention to what they say or do.

  • “a bunch of celibate men are telling us what to do about sex.”

    The great sexual revolution has brought about tremendous harm—as we were told in Humane Vitae. 

    This is one area of morality I admire so much about the Church as it stands in the face of popular culture and popular opinion. 

    Long ago the proponent of birth control, i.e. sexual liberty, promised us that marriages would be stronger, poverty would be reduced, women would have more freedom, and prostitution would no longer be needed.

    Unfortunately, these bold claims proved to be horrific falsehoods, with women and children suffering the most.

    Great job in the Archbishop speaking up….

  • I attended a Steubenville of the Rockies conference in Denver four years ago – as a chaperone – and took a sign that said ‘Chaput is Right’.  After the Sunday Mass, I introduced myself to him, showed him my sign, and said “We love you, Archbishop!”  Without skipping a beat, he replied, “I love you, too!”

    I knew he was sincere.  A true shepherd.

  • I love Chaput! Love ‘im love ‘im love ‘im. I often have things to say about what he says, but I am soooo happy he is out there mixing it up for Christ. I want him to be my dad. I want him to be my Prime Minister. Why the heck isn’t he running the Church for the whole country?

  • It’s good to see more and more people are ‘discovering’ Archbishop Chaput. Now if we could put a bug in the Holy Father’s ear about a Red Hat for him…

    I mean, JPII did say last year that his “successor is not yet a Cardinal…” Er, Holy Father, hint, hint…

    Of course, as the Holy Father is probably not reading this blog we could go right to the top…

    So, Holy Spirit, how about it, huh…?

  • isn’t the red hat more dependent upon the number of Catholics in a diocese, how old it is, it’s historical importance? I have to believe that because if it goes to men the Romans think are exemplars of Catholic orthodoxy and courage, I’d take one more look at Mahoney, write a nasty letter to Ratzinger and leave the Church. It’s just numbers right? Right?

  • I love bishops who can think on their feet in defense of the Church, but then again, these faithful ones just might have one of those little devices in their ears with promptings by the Holy Spirit!

  • I particularly enjoyed his response to the “when are you going to pay taxes” malcontent.  I wish I could remember the blog I saw it on (think it was Junk Yard Blog), but a commenter wrote something along the lines of “you want us to pay taxes?  Fine, we will.  Then you will have to pay more to subsidise all of our schools, we will be able to publicly come out and support political candidates – why, we could even start our own political party?  You want to strip away our tax-exempt status?  Good – we’ll make you choke on it!”

    I only wish a no-nosense man like Chaput would sweep in to the AoB and get rid of the spoiled brats holding sit-ins instead of letting them celebrate, as O’Malley does.

  • Well, Sissy, all that means is that, like most bishops, he needs to fire his whole staff and start over.  One shouldn’t employ people working actively to sabotage the efforts of the firm.  It seems only the church is oblivious to this simple rule.

    Peggy, then why are they allowed to swill up diocesan money?  Do you think we can afford them?  Do you think we should?




  • MC,

    It drives me nuts that dissenters and heretics are entrenched in chancery offices all across this country.  We have to encourage the bishops that go after these people but it’s probably naive on our part to expect them to eliminate everyone all at once. 

    The conscientious bishop has so many battles to wage.  He has to prioritize.  Maybe – down the road – Chaput will, indeed, attempt to eliminate the centering prayer crowd
    from his ranks. 

    I just read the latest newsletter from my diocesan family and youth ministry office.  The current director said that she “didn’t feel compelled to recommend The Passion of the Christ to others.”  What?  Where do they get these people?  And who knows what kind of salary she’s pulling in!

  • I don’t know but that’s negative work.  Better not to have a director than to have one like that.  I simply cannot see why they can’t fire them.  It’s not like they get that much done now.