Archbishop Burke meets with St. Stanislaus’ priest

Archbishop Burke meets with St. Stanislaus’ priest

Via Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, Archbishop Raymond Burke has had a meeting with the priest he excommunicated in December for disobeying an order and joining up with the breakaway St. Stanislaus parish.

St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke met Tuesday with a priest he declared excommunicated in December. The Rev. Marek Bozek, who was hired as pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka parish late last year, confirmed Tuesday afternoon that he had met with the archbishop but would not comment on their conversation.

This would seem to dispel the notion that Archbishop Burke is not pastoral, that he only throws down thunderbolts from on high without caring for the needs of those he punishes. Burke’s style was contrasted with that of Archbishop Sean O’Malley in Boston, who has not taken strong action against dissenters or pro-abortion politicians, with the implication that O’Malley soft approach is more effective in Boston.

More effective than what? We’ve had a “soft” approach for decades now and the archdiocese only gets worse and worse. How much worse could it get with a more proactive bishop? Burke is obviously not a bishop who sits on his throne and makes decrees with no regard to how they are carried out or the effect they have on people. Neither is he afraid to make the hard decisions. Perhaps in this case, a little “tough love” is paying off.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • Thank you. This is the point that I was attempting to make in the other thread, but I did so in a far less eloquent fashion.


  • I am happy that AB Burke is meeting with Rev Bozek.  I do wonder, is the tough love being exerted by the Parishoners or the Archbishop.

    In either case it seem to be paying off for boths sides.


  • Lord grant us more tough love while there is still some faith left to salvage!  There is a place for thunderbolts from on high.  The needs of those who don’t invite punishment must be considered too.

  • This line said it all: ‘More effective than what? We’ve had a “soft” approach for decades now and the archdiocese only gets worse and worse.’

    Amen!  We need a little more tough love and strong discipline from our good Archbishop O’Malley.  This fetid sewer of heresy in Boston needs to be cleaned up—and fast.  Souls are at stake!

  • This is the latest from the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

      Controversy Follows Marek Bozek from Poland to St. Louis

    This article contains some new information about the wayward priest…such as the fact that his former Bishop in Springfield pulled him from one assignment because of rumours that Bozek was about to announce his homosexuality.

    It also states he is in the US on a Religious worker visa.  Hmmm…. do those expire?

    The timing of this article, a couple of days after Bozek’s talk with the Archbishop, with Bozek saying that he will “go away” if he is the obstacle to reconciliation….just makes ya’ go, hmmmm…