Archbishop Burke challenges pro-abort voters

Archbishop Burke challenges pro-abort voters

Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis goes a step further than his previous statements and says if you are a Catholic and have voted for a pro-abortion politician, you have committed a mortal sin and must confess that before receiving Communion. That is in line with what Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs has said and goes much further than most of his brother bishops who haven’t explicitly said that voting for a pro-abort is a mortal sin.

Burke said that while there are different degrees of seriousness for such a sin “it doesn’t make a lot of difference” whether a Catholic votes for a politician who supports abortion rights because of that politician’s stance on abortion, or for other reasons. “If the voter is aware of that politician’s pro-abortion position, they would still be supporting someone who is cooperating in the promotion of abortion,” he said.

He then added that because voting is a private matter, it is less serious than the politicians actual public support for abortion. That goes toward Canon 915’s conditions that make public grave sin a special case for denial of Communion, along with excommunication and interdict.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli