Apple News: new iMacs

Apple News: new iMacs

Apple has released updated versions of the iMac. Very nice machines. They look the same on the outside: the top end has a 17-inch LCD and the lower end has a 15-inch. On the inside, the processors have been speed-bumped up, and you can now get a DVD/CD-writer that’s twice as fast, Airport Extreme which is new faster version of wireless networking, and Bluetooth which is essentially a way to connect your peripherals wirelessly. They’re incremental improvements, but welcome nonetheless.

Today is that sad day in every technophile’s life when that newest top-of-the-line gadget he loved so much is no longer top-of-the-line. I bought my 17-inch iMac back in October and at the time it was the best you could buy, but now it has been superceded by one that is faster and has a few more capabilities. Oh well, it’s like that first scratch on your new car. It’s better once it’s done so you don’t worry about it so much. Uh oh, I think I may be exhibiting signs of Disordered Affections.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli