AP acknowledges mistake on priest headline

AP acknowledges mistake on priest headline

Kudos to Fr. Bob Carr. When he saw yesterday’s blog entry about an inaccurate headline that referred to the embattled head of Boston Catholic hospitals as a priest, he got on the phone and started calling ABC News and the Associated Press. At first, the AP’s Boston editor gave him the run-around, saying that it was ABC who put the headline on it (then why the Houston Chronicle and other newspapers use the exact same headline?), but then they set it to rights.

Karen Testa from the AP just called me back. She insisted at first it was ABC, but just called. She is very grateful for the heads up. She told me that someone in the online operations in New York added that headline and yes it did go all over the network. They are fixing it immediately and would like the bloggers to know.

The original story headline out of Boston was: New Harassment Allegations Leveled Against Chief of Catholic-Run Hospitals in Boston.

Kudos also to the AP editors for doing the right thing. Unfortunately, it’s tough to get the genie back in the bottle. How many newspapers will run corrections and how many people who saw the first headline will see the correction?

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