Anyone have Chris Blosser’s email address?

Anyone have Chris Blosser’s email address?

Does anyone have the email address of Christopher Blosser of the Ratzinger Fan Club web site? I just registered the domain names and and if Chris wants them I will transfer them to him for his site. If not, then I have some ideas for how to use them.

Just to be clear, I registered them to prevent anyone else of ill will from snapping them up for their own purposes.

  • I agree, well done, Dom!  Now, who wants to start a new pledge drive to buy him a new server to replace the one indubitably fried today?  smile

  • Dom, on a similar whim of my own, I just registered  I don’t really have time for it, but I thought it would be a cool way to show our support for the Holy Father.  Can you send me that addy?

  • We are now working on some items which may be of interest—similar to those sold on the RatzingerFanClub site.

    Of course, the fact that German for “Pope” is “Papst” is irresistable, because we are in Milwaukee, you know.

    More to follow, Dom…

  • I visited, somewhat infrequently, the website whenever I wanted to read some orthodox Catholic writers. I discovered the website when I wanted to learn about Catholic Just War thinking during the debates leading up to the Iraq war. Now that the Catholics have been blessed by Pope Benedict XVI that website has been blown out of the water. Is it just a matter of server overload or is something more insidious going on?

  • This is a news item on the front page of, Australian website: –
    Robert Nemec, a 25 year old entrepreneur from the Czech Republic, wanted to be the first to produce a website honouring the new pope. A few minutes after the name Benedict XVI was announced, he sought a domain, but found that they had all been taken by cybersquatters. This was confirmed in an article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald in which Florida cybersquatter Rogers Cadenhead confirmed that on 1 April he bought the domain names corresponding to all the Popes since the year 1700. Cadenhead has no plans for his domain, but says he does not want to ‘piss off’ the world’s 1.1 billion Catholics. Meanwhile Nemec finally secured, and worked hard through the night to get his Pope Benedict XVI site online. The pick of the bloggers at present is probably PunditGuy, while, while the new pontiff’s popularity has continued to ensure that the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club remains unreachable.