Anti-war Hull selectwoman boycotts Pledge of Allegiance

Anti-war Hull selectwoman boycotts Pledge of Allegiance

A Massachusetts selectman says she won’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance because she opposes the war. Fine, that’s her choice, but I will use my freedom of speech to call her a maroon and a boob. That makes me feel better. I just wish her reasons weren’t so offensive and stupid.

She claims to be an atheist and humanist and so she believes that the American flag has come to represent “the Christian-leaning policies being enforced by President Bush, whom she believes is in office ‘illegally’ since he didn’t receive a majority of the popular vote.”

First, if liberating oppressed people, destroying weapons of mass destruction, and removing regimes that support terrorism are Christian policies, then I’m proud to call them such. Second, if the selectman had read the Constitution she’d know that you don’t have to receive a majority of the popular vote to be elected president. Did she protest when Bill Clinton received less than 50% in 1996? I would bet not. And even if she means that Al Gore won more of the popular vote in 2000, then she obviously doesn’t understand that the Constitution says that it’s electoral college votes that count, not overall popular votes.

So why doesn’t it surprise me that someone so ignorant of the governance of our country would be so ignorant of the meaning of the flag and the reasons for war?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli