Anti-Christian zealots at William & Mary

Anti-Christian zealots at William & Mary

You may have heard that historic William & Mary College in Virginia is undergoing some controversy after the administration ordered the removal of a cross from the famed Wren Chapel. Alumni and friends and interested folks have set up a special web site at

Much of the ire is directed at college President Gene Nichol who unilaterally ordered the removal without any kind of consultation with faculty, alumni, students, donors… anyone. Syndicated columnist Mike Adams, a professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, says the events are not a surprise to him because Gene Nichols and his wife exhibited similar anti-Christian tendencies when they were at UNC.

Glenn George [Nichol’s wife] was named as University Counsel at UNC-Chapel Hill on December 7th, 2002. Just three days later, a Jihad was launched against religious organizations at that school. Thirteen letters were written to religious groups - twelve to Christian groups – threatening to de-fund them and kick them off campus.

These threats were issued because the groups did not allow membership and voting privileges to students hostile to their religious views. There was also a mandate that the groups adopt policies that allow all students to hold office in the religious groups they oppose.

The policy was so absurd that it should not have required a lawsuit to correct. But it did.

Nichols was dean of UNC School of Law at the time. Now Nichols is president of W&M and George is a professor at W&M School of Law.

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Domenico Bettinelli