Anti-Catholic trash-blogger quits Edwards campaign

Anti-Catholic trash-blogger quits Edwards campaign

[Update: And there goes the other one.]

“One anti-Catholic Edwards campaigner quits”

Following the first day of a “public relations blitz” on the part of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, one of the chief campaign bloggers for Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards quit Monday evening.  The resignation of Amanda Marcotte came on the same day that the Catholic League publicized a new post she made regarding the Virgin Birth of Jesus.

Marcotte posted on her personal blog that the criticism “was creating a situation where I felt that every time I coughed, I was risking the Edwards campaign.” Marcotte said she resigned from her position Monday, and that her resignation was accepted by the campaign.

This does not let Edwards off the hook, because he didn’t fire her and because she characterizes her resignation not as reparation, repudiation, and repentance, but as a way to end the “distraction” for the campaign.

Nowhere have Edwards, Marcotte, or McEwan said that the vile and disgusting epithets they wrote were unacceptable.

Something I’ve noticed about political blogs is the the difference in tone. While some right-wing blogs use uncharitable and inappropriate language, it is rather the norm on left-wing blogs to see profligate use of profanity, attribution of the worst possible motives to opponents, and posting of the most vile commentary to score debating points and tear down the other guy. Marcotte and McEwan are only distinguished for their instant notoriety by connection to a presidential campaign. They are not unique.

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  • There’s hate speech on both sides, from what i’ve seen, but the right wing bloggers don’t shock us by the irony of calling themselves tolerant and compassionate.

  • I grew up a liberal in my parent’s home, but liberal was something much different when I went to college which eventually made me more conservative and more religious, still though I hold on to “my parent’s liberal” values.

    A professor while in college always damn’d capitalism and the government at the pulpit every day of class, who incidentally refuse to drive a car on principle always blamed every –ism possile, but looking around me the problem wasn’t an -ism. It was the break down of family.

    The new liberals hate family, as you can tell by the bloggers they hate motherhood or anyone that value’s family such as Catholics. To them people who have children are ruining their lives and the environment. Anything regarding family is wrong.

    When I say many liberals are brainwashed, I’m serious about that with great concern. I’m not trying to be a condensending, I’m really worried about these people.

    There is a problem of brainwashing especially in the secular educational system from elementary, secondary, and post-high school where teachers believe it is their absolute duty to supersede the trust between the parents and their children (the inital breaking down of the family). I don’t agree with my parents on many things, but I have no trust what so ever of anyone who tells me that my mother and father are bad people for fulfilling their obligation to each other and to me, such as giving me a stable environment to be raised in through things like marriage. I’m not going to apologize for my mother and father for being there for me. Liberals hate family, because they can’t take credit for my well being and achievements only my parents can. 

    I’m not speaking out of paranoia, but while in school teachers with take advantage of true -isms and simplify and make individuals and events into charactures i.e. the enemy. It is like they are at war, and pit the child against their parents and the very values that created stability so that child could success in education.

    All parents that were in reality very good, were really are bad (fill in the blank).  Leftist educators know their ideas could not properly debated with other adults, so they seek acceptance of students who are pigeon held in their classrooms. You really have no choice but to atleast in your classwork agree with them, so you can pass the grade. 

    Many people regain their senses, and still hold to their parent’s values no matter how hard of a time they might have trying to uphold them. I rather have a parent who is a hypocrite, then a parents who didn’t value anything. When you see parents standing up for their right to be parents, many liberals from the civil liberties organizations to the teacher unions just simply call them names.

    You have to speak up, but they don’t see you as human. They have an auto-respone like a robot, it is like spam. They won’t listen, but they can’t ignore the way you live your life.

  • joanne is right, and I’m afraid that some folks who are “right wing” and/or “evangelical Christians” and/or “idiot Catholics” (my terms) have done an immense disservice to these two women.

    What these two did was outrageous and they should be held accountable. Where was the national outrage at Edwards? However they were also on the receiving end of some rather vile diatribe.

    It’s right to be outraged and call for their immediate firing. It is not right that they have been treated in such a vile matter, whether we like their apology or not.

  • Actually, JenB, I wasn’t defending those two, I was just refusing to see the extreme left as particularly worse than the extreme right, although the new rage of the liberal group toward any opposition compared to the once-justified protest and sacrifice by liberal persons defending the vulnerable is shocking to me.
    How were the bloggers treated in a vile manner? Their manners are vile. I’ve read only the tiniest portion of their texts and I just don’t get how they can defend themselves for even thinking such things, never mind posting them! For whatever reasons they harbor, their language was extraordinarily evil. (hmm…vile, evil. I never noticed that before.)
    Ah, you thought I meant “hate speech” ABOUT those two? I don’t think that’s hate speech at the moment. (Ok, i haven’t read it all.)It’s an understandable knee-jerk loyal defense of Jesus, our Church, and the Blessed Mother.Reminds me of Peter and that sword…