Another reprieve for a closing Boston parish

Another reprieve for a closing Boston parish

The Archdiocese of Boston has issued a brief statement extending the life of Holy Trinity Parish in Boston indefinitely, according to RC at Catholic Light. The parish was supposed to close December 15, but now “the Archdiocese intends to pursue further communications with parishoners and representatives of the tenant agencies concerning future plans.”

Holy Trinity is the home of the only authorized Tridentine Mass community in Boston (as far as I’m aware.)

Is it coincidence that The Remnant newspaper ran an article on the closing of Holy Trinity this week? Probably. But it’s good timing.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • That Remnant article claims “Masses at many parishes are a stew of witchcraft, obsequious apologies, and “gay” agitprop.” 

    I have to wonder whether the writer, a Steve O’Brien, PhD, has really been attending masses at many parishes.  Witchcraft?  What could he be talking about?

  • Wow. Originally the parishioners weren’t even going to be allowed to have one last midnight Mass at their church. Somehow I don’t think that snuffing out the only indult Mass in Boston is wise or kind thing. This will only push people to SSPX, the independents or the schismatics.

  • Once, at a women’s retreat at La Sallette, four “altars” to the four directions were set up right in the sanctuary. We celebrated goddesses, and even made prayer beads based on our menstrual cycle (28 beads). Witchcraft? You tell me?

    At the time I was in a neopagan stage, so I thought it was pretty neat, but I was still pretty surprized about it.

  • That’s nutty enough, all right, but he’s claiming something like that happens in parishes, and many of them.  Or maybe he’s talking through his hat.

    Incidentally, was that the retreat house in Ipswich (wacko, but thank Heavens, gone now) or Attleboro?

  • Hm.  So, if this counts in the archdiocese’s favor at all: Attleboro is outside it.

    By the way, I’m not out to minimize a case of idolatry.  I’m just annoyed to see this Remnant writer publishing something that is probably false, and might well be libel against the AoB.  That sort of talk foments hatred against the lawful bishops, and it harms souls.  (It’s easy enough to be outraged at the bishops over the real things that happen!)

  • Mother Angelica of EWTN fame mentioned back in 1993 that she was tired of the “witchcraft” in the Church. I have seen a number of parishes promoting witchcraft/New Age practices in their weekly bulletins such as Enneagram and Reiki services and various “earth spiritualities” that exult nature above Christ.  Sadly, the Occult is alive and well in many of our parishes.  Although I’m not a fan of the Remnant and find it to be too extreme in most cases, in this instance, I don’t think their analysis was off the mark.  Witchcraft is rapidly growing (a visit to any Barnes and Noble will see that their witchcraft/New Age sections are very large) and worst of all it targets pre-teen girls who are the fastest growing group of witchcraft users.