Another perspective on changing the priesthood

Another perspective on changing the priesthood

Apropos of the recent blog entry on the Cincinnati priests who wrote an open letter demanding reconsideration of celibacy and priestesses to make up for the priest shortage, Bettnet commenter Rich Leonardi recently wrote an op-ed for the Cincinnati Enquirer on this very topic. He rejects these recycled old “reform” attempts that surfaced back in the 70s as meaningless. Instead, we need a return to dynamic orthodoxy, committed prayer for vocations, effective seminaries, and heroic role models among the current generation of priests. After all, you don’t see priests in diocese like Lincoln and Denver complaining about declining number of priests, because they ordain more men each year than a dozen “progressive” dioceses combined. So what do they know that the others don’t? That more vocations doesn’t mean abandoning Church teaching, but embracing it.

  • This is precisely what we need.

    When ‘churches’ slink toward the world, in terms of denying God’s truth and the truth of His risen son, and what they teach us as revealed truth, they become irrelevant.  That is why all the ‘progressive’ churches, the Unitarians, the Episcopalians, etc. etc. are dying out – for they make up truth as they go, and everyone knows it.  They are churches for feeling good, rather than being good.

    The Catholic Church, particularly in America, has also slunk greatly toward the world – but in a different way.  It has kept to the truth (and IS protected), but has allowed its priests and theologians and universities and of course, its laity, to basically ignore that truth – and in many cases, to actively dissent from it and undermine it.

    Today, strong Protestant churches, like the Pentecostals and the Mormons (sorta Protestant) and the Southern Baptists and the Jehovahs Witnesses are growing in strength and numbers (far faster than is Catholicism in this country).  Many Pentecostal churches are chock full of former Catholics.  Why?  Because thsoe Churches are not afraid to affirm Christian truth (for the most part).

    When the Church was orthodox, there were tons of vocations, and most Catholics did not grievously sin by skipping mass.  The sacraments meant something to most, and most people tried to be holy.  Today, we have the reverse of that situation.

    We should in America be NOT AFRAID to proclaim Christ’s truth and to be orthodox Catholics.  We have NOTHING to apologize for in terms of what our Church teaches – for it is all based on God and His love for us, and on God’s revealed truth.

    “Dynamic orthodoxy’ is exactly what is needed, and will fill the deep and abiding hunger millinos of Catholics have (including me) for Catholic and Christian truth, and for a Church which unabashedly supports it and teaches it lovingly to our children.

    Even our youth today hunger for it, as they see the devastation caused by the slink toward the world of the past few decades.

    The days of liberal progressive dissent and unorthodoxy and hereticalism are just beginning to come to an end.  And I thank God for that.

  • Dr. Brian Clowes wrote a book about this some 4 or 5 years ago.  He works for HLI.

  • Sinner, I agree with you completely on almost every thing you wrote.  But the Catholic church, as a whole, has a guarantee that the gates of hell will not prevail.  The part of the church in any location does not have this guarantee.  It is posslble for the church to die out in a location for a lot of reasons.  It’s happened before, in some Middle Eastern and Asian areas and in parts of Great Britain…

  • Yeah – I never really thought of that, michigancatholic.  But a moment’s thought shows you are right.  Thank you!